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Himanshu Roy

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An App That Splits The Restaurant Bill?

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  •  March 4, 2016


There are many among us who upon hearing about the poor financial conditions of other people, tend to say that “We too are broke.” But after the app, ‘Equitable’ is launched rest assured that such people will run out of excuses to accept the fact that they earn way more than most folks.

The result? Well, the white men will have to shelve out more when they go to restaurants with a black or Hispanic woman? Why? Because of patriarchy. This step has been taken to even out the discrimination that many people in our society face because of inequitable distribution of income.

Let’s see the case of women employees as opposed to their male counterparts. In most of the organizations, we see that the men in the upper hierarchy tend to earn much more than women simply because of the fact that they are men.

The data which are unearthed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been used to create this app which with the help of this information tells that who should be the one to pay more at the restaurant.

If you are still a bit unsure about this idea then I am sure you will change your opinion when you hear that for the next 100 years, women in America won’t be paid as much as men simply because of gender bias and patriarchy.

At this point in time, an app that helps to split the bill equitably is not a bad idea at all. Luna Malbroux, a comedian, and host from San Francisco is the mastermind behind this idea which is currently doing the rounds of the internet.

And the best part? This app actually has a built in protest feature that lets you register your disagreement. This is because of the fact that Malbroux knows that the app is going to invite considerable outrage once it’s launched. She says that she is ready for it because it is obvious that many people won’t like to pay more.

No doubt this is a baby step towards bridging the wage gap and achieve equitable distribution of income but this very debate surrounding the app is making people more aware of the existing inequalities in the society, which till now very few people were willing to talk about.

Don’t forget that by just paying a little bit more you are not only championing equitable distribution of income but also accepting that you are willing to change for better.

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