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CA Topper Jigyasa Maheshwari Gives Her 14 Year Old Self Some Advice!

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  •  September 12, 2016


When you are in High school, the will to study will come and go. The will is like the summer, you know?

But this girl named Jigyasa Maheswari clutched the will tightly in her palm and did not let it escape. She stuck to it.

A graduate of Indian International School, Jaipur, she is striving to clear CA and become a financial analyst one day. What is it that makes her unique? Read to find out.

What is your dream job?

I have always wanted to be associated with the corporate world. Finance interests me a lot. Share markets, investments, all of this is very engaging for me. I want to be an integral part of a major business idea someday.

How did this passion of finance come about?

When I had to choose between Science and Commerce at the end of the 10th standard, I weighed my options and realized that Commerce was what I wanted to pursue in the end. I would Google things related to finance and realized that all of the commerce subjects gave me more happiness. People also told me, ‘Business runs in your blood.”

It was a serene introspection for me.

One achievement that you can boast about without sounding cocky?

Recently, I had the All India Rank of 37 in CA IPCC, May’16. The journey to prepare for this test was tedious, rigorous and demanded a lot of my focus and attention on it.

What are you most afraid of, in the most general sense?

The ‘What If’ question disturbs me. What if all the efforts that I have put do not reap any successful result? I am also afraid of dogs, yes!!

Let’s daydream together. It is 2026. What do you think you are doing in that year?

I would probably be travelling around the world while doing business at the same time. I’d also be the owner of an office located in a huge, glass building. I would also be wearing formals.

So vivid, we like it!

“Opportunities are not going to fall into your lap. You have to make a place for yourself.”

The advice you would give to the 14-year-old self?

As a child, I was never FULLY ready for the opportunities that came my way. I would always doubt myself and think that people around were better than me in every field. I have been to six inter-school drawing competitions and every time, I went, I lacked spirit and self-confidence. I tried to turn everything around by TRYING hard, and when I did, I won! So I’d tell the little me to stop worrying, let it all go and be brave!

It’s all about your thoughts and whether you control them or not.

Any tip for all those preparing for CA Intermediate?

Be passionate about what you are doing. If you are devoid of it, you won’t be able to achieve anything. Especially, this exam. It is so demanding. You have to give up various forms of entertainment and if you are a social butterfly. Well, let’s just say that you will have to stop fluttering your wings in the garden for a while.

What kept me going was my passion.

During your preparation, did you ever feel like you could not go on any further?

Yes, a couple of times and then, I would motivate myself. I am very convincing. And, my parents have always been supportive and accepting of what I want to do. They even told me that if I could not go on any longer, I was free to quit. But I was stubborn. I had a target. I had a dream, and I was going to live it.

Achieving such a high rank all around India was one of a kind experience. No one in my immediate family has ever done it. They had high expectations from me, and I feel that I lived up to them.”

What do you do to relax?

I travel! Just recently, I travelled to Masinagudi. It is in South India. Most people would not know about it, and they might find it hard to even pronounce its name. But that was the kind of trip I live for. It was full of adventures and picturesque stops.

Any role model you have?

My grandfather. His personality, charisma, and modesty. You meet him once, and he will leave a mark on you. I want to be that kind of person who influences people’s lives in a positive way.

Jigyasa will now enroll in an online self-study course next year. This shall take her one step closer to becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst. You also have to sit for three competitive exams to clear CA which is either held in Delhi or Mumbai. Jigyasa is also interning at Kalani and Company, Jaipur where she is waiting for her first audits to come!

The best part is the excitement that is very conspicuous in her voice when she talks of being labeled as a CA.

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