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Lavanya Bahuguna


Annnd… It’s Anne Hathaway, The Latest UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador

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  •  June 21, 2016

I love Anne Hathaway since the time I had first watched Princess Diaries. Remember her sliding down the princess slide and kissing her prince? Ah, and so when I heard that she’s going to be appointed as a global goodwill ambassador by the United Nations alongside Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson, I was dancing with joy!

“It is a particularly insidious demonstration of gender inequality in the workplace,” Mlambo-Ngucka said on Wednesday. “The appointment of Anne is timely because this year UN Women is driving hard to foster more positive mindsets and practical arrangements around workplaces that build and support equality for women.”

Anne recently said that she feels honored and inspired by this opportunity to aid in advancing gender equality.

“Girls who are raped are afraid to tell anyone for fear of shame, being blamed or being branded as ‘unmarriageable’ by their families and communities,” She had said once in an interview. “As one – anonymous – woman in Dadaab put it: ‘If you tell, no one will help. It is better to be safe and tell no one.’”

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