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Komal Panwar


This Jaipur Builder Constructs Homes That Are Working Women Friendly

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  •  June 24, 2016


I’m a sucker for beautiful homes, but it kills me to think that bigger the house, harder it gets to clean it. Everyone wants lavish homes where they can relax, chill, do whatever they want, right?

Okay, before I met him, I knew fairly little about builders: Bob the builder, karke dikhayenge! Bob, the builder, haan bhai haan!

Haan, kar hi lenge!

I met Civil Engineer, Rahul Bhandari, who is not only an architect of Casa 9 Villas but also centers his focus on making the Villas working-women-friendly.

When he showed me his concepts, and their practical working, I was blown away. And, here I had thought only Ted Mosby could make buildings seem impressive!

Rahul, give us one reason why the women of Jaipur should read your story.

Um, because, I’m smarter than your husband.


Giggles. Because I have constructed one of a kind Villa in Jaipur. Trust me; it’s every woman’s dream.

And, why would you say that?

For starters, they are working-women-friendly. Secondly, no more dusting your time away. You can bloody well clean your house just twice a week, and you’re good to go. Your house is spic and span.

How does that work?

Every Casa 9 Villa is installed with special DGU glasses which are separated by the vacuum between them, similar to the concept used on aeroplanes and trains. You cannot see inside the homes, but easily glance out. Similarly, it is great for places with extreme climates, like in Rajasthan.

Your AC will be 40% more effective and same for the heater.

The life-sized DGU glass windows also make sure there is no interference of dust.

Apart from that, the Villas are so designed that every door is visible from the kitchen. She has access to every corner and isn’t restricted to just the kitchen while cooking.

The concept of a breakfast counter has also been included by us, which makes sure that when she has to send her kids to school in the morning, she can place their breakfast on the counter. Not only will that save time for her, but also give her more quality time with her peeps who are eating on the other side of the counter.

We hear you believe in being environment-friendly!

We live by it!

Let’s be honest. The pollution is getting worse every day, and it’s not easy to get access to fresh air unless you’re living on a hilltop. Health is the most important thing about our lives. Not lavish homes, or dinner, just good health.

We make sure you are surrounded by all of that. Our concepts are derived from Saudi Arabian compound living. And so you can buy a Villa, but not its environment. And, that’s where we come in.

The water running in your taps in the Villas will be completely drinkable. Yeah, I can do it right now, in front of you. We’re that confident!

90% kids nowadays have worm problems. RO isn’t environment-friendly. We use a real-time technology which doesn’t waste as much water as an RO. This breakthrough technology does immediate filtration, and really, this kind of technology has no match.

Bathing with this water will make your skin and hair shine, you’ll see it when you experience it. We have placed bird houses, and in the morning you will hear different birds chirping, and waking up to that is an absolute pleasure.

The roads are pavement roads, so there is enough scope for water harvesting.The water directly penetrates the Earth.

How is it a smart home?

We don’t use red bricks, for example. Red bricks absorb humidity, which is one of the reasons we use Fly ash based cement. The high ceilings make sure that the homes remain cool, as the warm air goes up, and cool air comes down.

The wall paints are based on Zen philosophy. You will not notice, but when you enter a Casa 9 Villa, there are different shades of blue and grey on all walls, they are all so light that they cannot be differentiated.

Light colors give out a happy feeling to those returning home. The bedrooms are really big, and there are good and tall wardrobes in all bedrooms.

We’ve also constructed jogging tracks and a gym. ‘Sand’ jogging tracks will give you easy and cushioned walks. Yeah, you didn’t know it yet, but that’s exactly what you needed.

And was he right! When we entered one of his Villas, we could feel the difference in the temperature. At a regular House, it would be like stepping inside an oven, but even with no air-conditioner switched on, the house was cool.

Okay, so what kind of architecture is your favourite?

I love modern architecture, especially in the middle-east.

If you were building, how would you look?

I’d look like a Casa 9 Villa.

Who is the senior engineer of your family?

My wife, of course!

Do you think ‘Casa 9’ might be the one? Guess what? It’s located at an arms length to the ISKON temple in the Dholai area of Jaipur!



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