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Who is an Art Entrepreneur? Meet Shagun Kapoor!

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  •  February 25, 2015


“I might not be making huge money, but my focus remains on how I can promote art among people of my society”, says Shagun Kapoor – a Jaipur based Art Entrepreneur.

Shagun is in her 30s, single and very independent. She has a small space at home upstairs which has been turned into a studio where she teaches art, reads books, meditate, at times sleeps and finds her resonance. A rendezvous with this woman was like a journey through the colorful pages of a book. A book that still needs space to be launched in our conservative society.

JWB – Talk about your little colorful space you call your Art-studio.

Shagun – It was an abandoned room of the house which I felt was my Tree-house during childhood. As I grew up, I wanted to have my own space away from home but still not ‘away from home’.So one fine day I decided to turn it into my other room. My books, colors and palette are all kept here. I have painted the walls of this room and have decorated it with some DIY interiors. Now I want to put a foldable bed here so that I can fall asleep while reading.

JWB – And when did you turn it into a commercial place?

Shagun – In 2010 I got tired of my job in a school since I had long hours of working. Also, I didn’t like the idea of having a fixed teaching pattern for students. Art cannot have a fixed prototype; it’s a whole big world to be explored. I felt desire to interact more with my students and in the process learn something from them. After all, teaching is two-way.JWB – Talk about the kind of work you do now?

Shagun – I help students create their portfolio, students who are confused or feel lost as to which creative field is best for them. Basically, I try my best to give directions to students aspiring for product designing, fashion designing, architecture, et al.JWB – Enjoying it?

Shagun – Very much! I work 5 days a week and around 3 hours a day. It allows me to enjoy my self-time which further lets me unearth my creative side.JWB – Talk about your students who come to you to learn painting.

Shagun – Most of them fall in the age group of 17-25. There are more girls and just 2 boys, one of them being a college drop-out. He is in a quest to find the hidden artist in him. I am surrounded by crazy souls, just like me.JWB – Your life sounds interesting.

Shagun – Hold your horses because this field can prove to be a hard-nut. It might sound harsh, but sometimes your quality is not recognized in the market. You gotta be popular to be able to sell your work. I have seen artists using false publicity or taking advantage of powerful contacts. But then, we are talking humans.

JWB – So that means a ‘nobody’ can stay a ‘nobody’?

Shagun – It is going to take hell lot of time! You might have to work hard to see your paintings in some art gallery.

JWB – Suggest some pocket-friendly ways in which the new artists can promote their work.

Shagun – One can put up a group-exhibition in local galleries. Invite as many people as you can using social media – and once they come, create networking. You can call press to cover it. Also, attend events like the recent literature fest as they help you grow and meet new people.

JWB – Do you think Jaipur has any scope for artists? Do we love art?

Shagun – Yes, we Jaipurites love art. Talking about career scope, one can freelance in case he doesn’t want to work with an educational institute. You can design for websites, book illustrations, etc.

JWB – But what about the financial benefit?

Shagun – Even if you are teaching, freelancing or have your own studio (like me), you can earn a good 30k or more a month.

JWB – That’s pretty good for a single person in Jaipur.

Shagun – But then I don’t pay rent for the studio space. Count that in.

JWB – Inspite of these difficulties, we are sure your job is one of the most interesting profiles.

Shagun – I bet. A person amidst colors, paint brush and stories ready to be created on board cannot die of boredom. His life is exciting and he finds inspirations from everything around. I am proud to call myself a Creator.

JWB – Your red cheeks signal towards your happiness.

Shagun (laughs) – I have taken up a mission. I am starting workshops in Jaipur very soon. Belonging to such a culturally rich city, art like Madhubani, miniatures, folk art Warli would be my focus but with a hint of contemporary style. With time, we tend to forget our roots and I want to keep these Indian arts alive in people’s art.

Since art is very healing for mind and body, I also want to teach old-age people who have now retired from jobs but still want to learn new things in life.

JWB – You seem to be a good art-teacher!

Shagun – Thank you. But at that, a good artist is one who is close to the ‘common man’, close to the realities. He makes the teaching process creative and makes sure his students are diving into a world that is so (unconsciously) close to human heart.

JWB – We wish you all the best, Shagun.

So who is an Art Entrepreneur? Maybe a person, who is trying to promote art on her own terms, with an urge to keep it alive for centuries to come.

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