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Komal Panwar


Asha Jawa Story: OffDuty Lakshmi Cares For Her Sick Husband

  • JWB Post
  •  November 10, 2015


Along with Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi, clad in a red saree with gold jewellery, is expected any time now. Lakshmi feet have been painted/ rangoli-fied/ glued at the entry gates.

For many, it’s the only day when Goddess Lakshmi will be visiting their houses. They are well prepared. They are singing prayers to her, offering laddoos. I’m sorry guys I’m going to distract you from the nervous anticipation. Look around she’s already here. Your wife/daughter/mother/sister! Yes! She is the true definition of Lakshmi.  She is the Goddess Lakshmi OffDuty.

Goddess Lakshmi is just not easily recognized because she’s not sitting on her Lotus, showering gold coins on her bhakts. She’s OffDuty most of the time. This campaign is a mischief by the team of Jaipur Women Blog, Ritu Kumar and Sizzlin Scissors!

Meet the Senior Goddess Lakshmi Asha Jawa. Asha ji, a housewife, spends all day taking care of her husband, whose right body got paralysed ten years ago.

She begins her day by going for an early morning walk, which she says is of utmost importance for her health.

“My knees will absolutely give up on me, if I don’t go for brisk walks. They aren’t in the best shape, but having the responsibility of my husband on my shoulders, I can’t afford to get sick.”

She makes tea for herself and her husband Dr. Jawa. She gets her fifteen minutes of peace reading the paper, quickly absorbing the news from around the world.

Asha ji injects insulin into Dr. Jawa’s paralyzed leg, and gives him his morning medication. She bathes, and then gives him a bath.

“He needs Insulin everyday. I also have to make sure his sodium levels are maintained, otherwise he begins to get weak and his feet get swollen. So the amount of salt that goes into his body needs to be checked properly.”

By the time she freshens up, it’s already time for breakfast! Dr. Jawa eats his prescribed diet, so she mostly makes porridge for him.

Despite being pre-occupied by her husband, her home remains spick and span.

I love decorating my home, but don’t get much time, I’m not even sure if I find time to clean up for Diwali this year.”

Asha ji cooks the regular lunch with minimal spices, and takes out her husband’s medication. “Sometimes when he’s eating the food, it gets stuck in his throat and he coughs it out. I stay with him at all times to make sure he’s okay.”

It of course must be heartbreaking for him to watch her indulged in his health, stressed all the time, but he’s very happy to have her by his side.

I love working for him, it’s no obligation, I do it because he deserves it.”

Well, so we helped her a little in the kitchen, and she wound up quicker!

And then she was ready to sit on her Lotus! We visited where the team of Sizzlin’ Scissors also awaited us with their makeup kits.

Asha ji selected a red-orange Ritu Kumar Saree. What a beautiful choice! A woman of class! With intricate sequin work, the saree seemed a perfect pick. It had a heavy border and felt really soft to touch.

The girls knew what they were doing! They got Asha ji to sit and began to groom her into Lakshmi maata.

I’m scared! I’m not a make up person! Girls, please be careful! I want my husband to recognize me when I get back home!”

The girls giggled and assured her that everything was going to be fine. They didn’t disappoint her. After the makeup, they wrapped the saree around her and VOILA!

I look so different!”

Ho gaya ab, bachhon?”

“Give us two minutes, Ashaji, Lakshmi is incomplete without her jewellery!”

Asha ji was adorned with Nayaab’s Kundan Jadaau Raani Haar. It was embellished with layering. The earrings were a flowing precise match to the neck piece.

Wow, these earrings are so heavy! I think she’s now a complete Goddess Lakshmi.” I added.

Not yet.” The stylist placed a final adornment, the ring onto her finger.


“Are you happy, Asha ji?”

We asked her. She giggled and said, “I’m happy with everything you kids are happy with!”

Finally! With godly makeup, Ritu Kumar saree and Nayaab jewellery, she was ready to sit on her Lotus.

Grab the blessings and gold coins while you can, guys!


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