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Business Lullabies Story 5: Little Mannan Proposes USPs To Strengthen Brand ‘Mommy’

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  •  September 15, 2015


Call him the most notorious child in the lot and we won’t mind. Neither will his mother, Professor Terjani Goyal.

Mannan is the 5th child from the DPS, Jaipur who participated in our campaign ‘Business Lullabies’ in association with SHEROES. The mission of the campaign was to ask Indian corporate offices, on a whole, to not sideline women who return to job after maternity break.

Usually, such women are underestimated and doubted for their efficiency, given the fact that they have to manage a small baby back at home that can ‘possibly’ reduce their work interest. If you are one such mommy, you will enjoy witnessing how little Mannan advocated & demanded a better life of working mothers in front of SKODA, Jaipur team of professionals.

Mannan portrayed himself as an experienced professional from the Sales department, whereas, team JWB acted as his sincere assistants who helped him during the live-presentation.

He began with saying, “When my mom can nurture me, she can nurture your company as well’.

His presentation was headlined as ‘Selling Propositions for Mommy’s Skills’.

So what, according to you, are the unique selling propositions of brand ‘Mommy’? Mannan listed them as – 24*7 service, patience, devotion, disaster management, hard work, and high-voltage creativity to name a few. And we totally agree with him. He laughingly told his audience that the word ‘selling’ should be replaced by ‘yelling’ in USP, considering the amount of energy every working mother puts in to make her child eat and sleep on time!

Mannan then recommended some plans of ‘Negotiation Strategy’ for corporate offices to up the value of a working mother. He said, “A little flexibility in her working schedule at office can help you get efficient outputs from her side. Don’t believe me? I will tell you how my mother’s working place, a management college in Jaipur, allowed her to teach in her preferred time-frame so that she could give her best to me, the little Mannan.”

While the ‘Little Manna’ was busy telling everyone the facts, he didn’t realize when his shirt slipped out from the pants. Thankfully, momma Terjani, came to his rescue. And like any other professional, he continued.

“Did you just see how a mother’s support can save you from embarrassment?” laughed Mannan, and so did the audience.

Later, he spoke bluntly about the wage-gap working mothers experience.

He campaigned, “Don’t you think, a working mother deserves the best of everything? My next slide will explain to you how you, dear corporate offices, can add value to her life, in case you fail to provide her with a handsome salary.”

To wrap up the session, he asked everyone, “Are you ready to raise value of motherhood with these proposed packages?” Every person nodded and said ‘Yes’ while showing their green cards in approval.

Photo courtesy: Shashank K Tyagi

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