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Rajasthan’s 2nd Muslim Woman Civil Servant, Farha, Leaks Funny Facts About Her To JWB

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  •  October 21, 2016


Her passion for serving the underprivileged women gelled with the excellence in her genes made 27-year-old Farha Hussain clear the exam of Indian Civil Services. Next year, she will be joining as an Assistant Commissioner.

Farha is the second Muslim from the state of Rajasthan to clear the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

“I got it from my papa. My father, uncles, and cousin brothers are from the similar background and so, I, too, was encouraged to try my hand,” told Farha.

A Criminal Lawyer by profession, Farha was practicing in Mumbai when she decided to quit everything and come home (Jaipur) to prepare for the civil services. Her efforts paid off when one morning, her mother came running to her bedroom, waking her up to give the good news – “You have cleared the exam, Farha beta.”

Read our conversation with Farha below:

How did the life change when you shifted from Mumbai?

In a big way. You know how life is when you live on your own and are financially independent. However, life in Jaipur is beautiful. Jaipur is the family, and I feel the warmth here.

Describe day 1 of your exam preparation.

It was horrifying. People had told me how the kids who clear the exams in the past had studied. “You have to lock yourself in a room with books for 18 hours if you want to top.”

Wow, felt pressurized?

Very much. But I had my ways.

What kind?

I study smart. I am not someone who’d spend months studying a book. I know what’s important and where to focus. Plus, I was consistent.

Be honest, were you scared before the result was announced?

Scared? I lost appetite and sleep. I remember not sleeping for three nights in a row.

Were you prepared for the worst?

Yes, I had packed my suitcase to Mumbai in my wildest fantasy.

Ha-ha. You said you lost appetite before the result. How was it during the groundwork?

I was demanding and suffered food-mood-swings. *laughs* But, Chai was my BFF all throughout.

Some students go crazy with their superstitions and think that following them make a difference in the final result. Are you one of them?

*laughs* Oh god, yes! I wore the same leather jacket from the preliminary until the final interview.

And, it worked!

Yes! In a way, I have broken few stereotypes mushrooming in my community.

How have people been reacting?

Currently, people are showering praises. However, they were the ones who questioned my parents’ choice to send me to Mumbai and later, supporting me to prepare for the UPSC exam.

And today, you are the second Muslim woman to have scored this job. Wonderful!

Thank you.

What do you do in your self-time?

I cook. Also, I am fond of singing.

Are you a foodie?

I once demanded hot jalebis at 3 in the morning. This happened when I was five. So yeah, I was born a foodie.

How’s life post-victory?

For now, I am busy giving food parties to my friends. They are as excited as I am.

Farha’s game is on point. I think she is going to be one Madam-ji with a glam factor. Whaddya think?

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