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Himanshu Roy

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Child Rights Commission Appeals To Parents To Stop Hazardous Religious Rituals

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  •  October 28, 2016


Finally, some much-needed sanity!

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has appealed to parents from all over the country not to encourage or forcibly make their children participate in religious rituals that could be dangerous for them.

Given the fact that the warning comes after the death of a 13-year-old girl from Hyderabad who died after fasting for 68-days under the Jain ritual of Tapasya, it was about time that the child protection body starts being vocal on this issue.

The fact, that even today countless customs such as fasting and self-flagellation are prominent among many religious communities across a country reflects that how superstitious we can become at times.

The appeal has been issued by Stuti Kacker, chairperson of the commission which aims to protect the rights of children throughout the country. In order to spread awareness about such harmful and hazardous practices, the Commission has also chalked out a plan which will serve as a medium to engage with the parents of such children.

One promising fact about this appeal is that the Commission is also trying to engage spiritual leaders in the discussion and urging them to speak against such practices where the children are made to harm themselves on the pretext of some religious ritual.

It is a long-pending move because most of the times we have seen that it is through the influence and vested interest of self-styled godmen that children are forced to undergo rituals that ultimately affect their health.

The death of the girl in Hyderabad has sparked a nation-wide debate about the safety of such religious rituals. Several people have also alleged that the parents of the girl had forced her to do the fasting because they had thought that it would improve their financial situation.

Such incidents are blots on a civilized society and undoubtedly needs dealing with a heavy hand.

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