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Komal Panwar


Classroom On Wheels Celebrates A Sparkly Diwali With Slum Kids!

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  •  November 11, 2015


Classroom on Wheels is not a nerdy initiative. It rolls the lanes of childhood that has it all: mischief, scratched knees, tears and laughter. And this Diwali we’ve brought with us not only  backpacked knowledge, come on, it’s Diwali! It’s a sparkly festival, literally! So well, we decided to do something sparkly for the kiddies!

But first! We asked the kids about the origin of Diwali. What is it about Diwali? Why do we celebrate it? Kids?

To burst crackers! One of them prompted. The rest of them couldn’t help laughing. Trust me! They didn’t know the answer, either! *giggles*

To gobble up sweets! Another one confidently shouted out an answer. Well, I can’t say that he’s completely wrong…

To pray to Goddess Lakshmi! Hmmm. The answers sure are getting interesting!

On this day Ram ji brought Sita ji back home! Aha! Finally!

Dr. Sudhir Sharma then narrated the story of why Diwali is celebrated as the kids were listening in amazement.

And it was… DIYA TIME!


2Our team gave the little kids mitti ke diye and they were made to cover them up with sparkles! Yay! It was time for the kids to let their creative juices flow!

7 11 134

Before we said goodbye, we gifted them bags full of stationeries!

15 17 18

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