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Lavanya Bahuguna


Clouded By Hunger, JWB Knocked The Doors Of Avani Kanoi In Delhi

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  •  August 3, 2016


Someone wise once said – You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.

All you need, dear friends, is a website called ‘‘ I happened to meet FoodCloud’s Avani Kanoi in Delhi who, by the way, hails from Jaipur. (We’re everywhere!)

Avani told me how some two years back her husband Vedant Kanoi along with Shamit Khemka came up with the idea to form an online platform where people can order home prepared food. Yes, you read that right. All of us crave for home food, right? We need some when we’re busy and can’t cook ourselves or when we’re hosting a big family event (Phew, the Diwali parties!) and want our guests to feel at home.

During a two-hour long conversation (I swear, we’re eating most of the time), Avani shared with me few lovely moments from the point they began the venture to the time they did the hunt for home chefs.

“Honestly, finding the people who cook good food wasn’t a problem. All of us are aware of the neighbourhood aunty and some distant uncle who prepare the best tea and chicken curry. These awesome secret chefs have always been around us. It’s about time they get some recognition and admiration,” said Avani.

She continued, “I had a beautiful childhood in Jaipur. I guess, we’re one of the most social cities in India. We love meeting people and inviting them over for gala dinners and lunches. Don’t we? When FoodCloud came up, I was the most excited one.”

According to her, a variety of home-cooked cuisines can be made available at your doorstep with the help of few clicks. Ask yourself what you want to eat, search that on the website and place the order. Tada! They have Chefs preparing everything from chola-bhature to spaghetti, from ice-creams to varieties of teas and coffee. Goan, Thai, Italian, Chinese, spicy, non-spicey. The list is endless. Because, why not?

But here’s the best part about FoodCloud. Avani shared, “Most of our Chefs are homemakers who are brilliant cooks but never got the opportunity to showcase their talents. Today, the appreciation is not limited to their dining tables; it comes from every corner of Delhi. People keep sending us happy e-mails telling how much they love what we send to them. And in reply, we say about our Chefs behind the magic.”

Talking specifically about her Chefs, Avani spoke of Chef Yamini, a Food Enthusiast, who travels to various countries to take up courses in desserts. Amazingly, there was a huge surprise waiting for us on Avani’s dining table that day straight from Yamini’s kitchen. While serving, Avani mentioned how once the guests at a party didn’t disturb the birthday cake that Yamini had made because the fondant flowers on it looked real. Whatttt?

Peeps, allow me to introduce you quickly to the English tea treat Avani and Yamini planned for our team. Desserts included Orange and Chocolate Tea Cake and Lemon Meringue Tea Cake.

The savory dishes included Bagel Sandwich with organic leaves, fresh mozzarella and homemade pesto, Focaccia Pizza, and Savory Tarts with truffles and mushrooms. It was Christmas in my mouth.

My point is if you are in Delhi and want to enjoy great food with family and friends without visiting any fancy restaurant, all you have to do is extend your table, throw on a table cloth and log in to And while you’re at it, Avani, can you please parcel me some food to Jaipur. Thank you, xoxo.

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