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Drishti Bodhraj Premprakashi

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Courteney Cox AKA Monica Geller Opens Up About Ageism And Surgery

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  •  August 26, 2016


I’ve watched FRIENDS growing up and laugh at every episode to date. It kinda makes me feel old that the show stop airing 12 years ago, but then I realise, the actors on the show probably feel the same. They’ve all aged over the years.

Many actresses in the industry do not get lead roles once they start aging and are also criticised if they try to prevent aging through cosmetic surgery. FRIENDS actor Courteney Cox, AKA Monica Geller, is one of those women who was criticised for getting the surgery done on her face to conform to the beauty standards of today.

While appearing on Survival show,  Running Wild with Bear Grylls, she spoke about how ageism is affecting so many women in Hollywood.

I think there’s a pressure to maintain that not just because of fame, but being a woman in this business, getting older, is not the easiest thing.”

JWB appreciates Courtney for opening about her surgeries since many women in the industry choose not to speak about it due to fear of criticism.

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