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DR. TARU CHHAYA: she does not play dolls anymore

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  •  April 17, 2014


During the Shelection Campaign, organized by , we got acquainted with a very different Dr. Taru Chhaya. The co-owner of Bansal Hospital proves that a woman, whether she is a housewife or a doctor, can never be separated from her tender inner self, her real womanhood.

Due to the hectic schedule of Dr.Taru Chhaya, we couldn’t have her for the photo session at Nayaab Jewels. However, as we were determined to meet her, we simply hijacked her house. There was a typical hospital scenario in the basement of the house. We found her listening to patients. Here, simple human vibrations of love and happiness were overpowering the sterilized medical environment.

Dr. Taru Chhaya welcomed us warmly and invited to follow upstairs. While covering up the distance from the home office to the sitting room, we were actually covering up the gap between a doctor and a real woman. We can still visualize that room full of life. Simply amazing! How does she manage to live so many things altogether within such a busy schedule? That sketch of a cat, drinking milk & the daughter’s portrait! Very artistic painting of tribal people! What a talent! And also all the trophies thrown on shelves without a piece of self-adoration! We continued counting them:  awarded in Dance Competitions, victories in Cricket & Car racing. It was just wow!

OMG! We were there for the campaign, let’s get back to it.

Dr. Taru Chhaya: A woman plays a great role in her household, and her education plays a part in understanding things, and empowers everyone with knowledge to differentiate between Right and Wrong.  Women should also realize that home-making and child rearing is a priority over a career.

As she was keen to continue talking on education in a woman’s life, it was the right time to introduce the Finger Puppet holding a Book. That was a symbol she came up with for the powerful 49% share of women-voters.

And it was even a better moment to implement our idea with Nayaab emerald ring. We asked Dr. Taru Chhaya to create a Scale with her two fingers balancing Self-time & Family-time, weighing society and environment. You will see that in our conversation we were not once back to this exercise measuring life on different scales, and Dr. Taru Chhaya’s gem thoughts served as weights of balance.

JWB:  What one issue would you put as the number 1 in your election agenda?

Dr. Taru Chhaya: Selective Reservations that should be provided for economically weaker sections of society rather than a caste-based distribution.

JWB:  A question you would put up to the PM candidate in a personal meeting?

Dr. Taru Chhaya:  What is the Validity of Reservations and for how long it would go on?

JWB: What level of individual independence a woman achieves in her decision to vote?

Dr. Taru Chhaya: It is a slow process, and it needs more education in terms of explaining what effect it gives on home-making directly. When they realize what impact their vote casts on their lives, they will start considering their decisions of whom to vote.

We thought to take some advantage of her management skills and we asked what home management lesson she can teach candidates for running our country? She replied: “In salaried families’ women do all the budgeting within their limited financial resources fulfilling all the needs of everyone in the family. Similarly, government should also have a well-planned budget, and it should try to cover every citizen’s need in that limited budget only.

JWB: Rajasthan is being ruled by women as the Mayor, the Governor and the Chief Minister. Do you see any changes in the lives of women next door?

Dr. Taru Chhaya: Male or Female ruler – it does not matter. What matters is the Ruling itself. This makes a difference as to whether the ruling is favorable to women empowerment or not.

She continued: “Women will attain true freedom when they will understand that to abide is not wrong but to abide the wrong is definitely not right. Women should be respected and listened in her rightful decisions. When women will understand this concept then they will attain their true freedom”.

Read about Shelection Campaign.

We thank Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain for catching every intimidating moment in his lenses. Visit his page to .

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