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Himanshu Roy

JWB Blogger

Elders In This Muslim Village Are Against ‘Triple Talaq’

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  •  November 11, 2016


Is it fair to divorce a woman and screw up her life by simply uttering the word talaq three times?

So, at a time when a huge debate around this question is raging in the country, a remote village in northern India has strayed away from the usual opinion of Muslim village elders about triple talaq.

For a difference, the village elders have thrown their weight behind Asma, one of the victims of triple talaq where her husband divorced her over the phone from Saudi Arabia.

The problems began when Asma gave birth to a daughter instead of a son as her husband and his family wanted. Soon, beatings, humiliation and other forms of abuse started before her husband chose to divorce her by simply saying talaq over the phone.

A large number of men from her village and other adjacent hamlets go to Saudi Arabia every year in search of a living and in most cases they divorce their wives after a while.

At a time when the All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) is doing everything in its power to deny women the right to speak up against this practice, Mohammed Irfan, one of the elders in Asma’s village acknowledges that triple talaq is an ‘illness fast spreading in the community.’

Given the fact that Asma’s village still follows the Deobandi school of Sunni Islam, it is an even bigger achievement that contrary to this particular school of belief, the people in her village are aware of the fact that triple talaq jeopardizes the entire life of a woman.

Behind this practice of triple talaq in the villages is another dubious reason because of which a man gets a free hand. Once he divorces his wife, other families are eager to marry their daughters to the man simply because his financial situation has improved after working in middle-eastern countries.

It’s about time that other villages too take a leaf from these village elders who have come in the support of the women affected by triple talaq.

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