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Lavanya Bahuguna


Emotional Reaction of Working Mothers to Surprise Lunch Boxes

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  •  May 10, 2015


We know, you are too excited to see how mothers of the sweetest kids reacted to receiving their lunch prepared by their own tiny-tots. Those who are new, let us tell you about our Mother’s Day special campaign that we did with Delhi Public School, Vidhyadhar Nagar, supported by . We made 10 school kids, class 1 to 4, prepare lunch for their respective working moms. That was a modest way to pay our little homage to every working women of the city and tell them, they are doing an excellent job – managing both the home and work front.

Yesterday we told you how these 10 kiddos from DPS prepared sandwiches, salad, etc for their mommies; after which our team went on to deliver those boxes. Since it was already lunch-time, the kids went back home after the activity and the most of the mothers were already expected to have reached home after work. We asked the kids to not spill the secret of this surprise in front of their mothers, and wait for us to deliver the food at home! One by one, let us narrate you how these mums reacted!

1. Diva’s mother, Pinky Lata, who works with Pratap University, was taken aback when she got to know that her 1st grader had prepared pita bread. Diva was so excited that she snatched the greeting card from us in which she had written a message to her mom, so that she could deliver it.

2. Aww, little Dhriti was teary eyed when we reached her place. The class 2 student thought we were never coming back with the lunch that she had prepared with love and dedication for her mommy. Thanks to heavy traffic, we got 40 mints late. However, seeing Dhriti’s mom, Dr. Vandana Kararia, so happy – made our day!

3. Next comes 4th grader Myra Mittal. Myra was one of the wisest children who kept the secret like no other. As you can see, her mommy, Khushbu, was quite surprised with the lunch box and camera. Khushbu said: ‘Oops, I am not even dressed properly; and we replied: ‘You still manage to look so pretty!’ Right?Myra’s biscuit sandwiches were called ‘creative’ by Khushbu. We couldn’t agree more.

4. Say hello to Dr. Shalini Gupta, the mother of Arnav, who studies in class 3. She loved the salad and was doubtful if her son had prepared it. We told her the truth – he did!

5. Next we went to class 5 student Riddhim Garg’s place where his mother, Dr. Hema Agarwal, was at home for a noon break. ‘He’s made lunch for me? How lovely, he has even made a photo frame with ice-cream sticks and has my picture in it. I think he has become wise!’ – said Hema.

6. Class 2 student Tejas Mahla was a hooligan. He had told his mom about the surprise lunch before we could deliver. Still the mother, Dr. Arti’s charming smile explained how pleased she was.

7. Dr. Rashmi Gupta, Namish’s mom, called him out when we came to deliver the packet.

She asked him: ‘Did you make this for me? Really?’ Namish, who studies in class 1, kept on smiling shyly while the mother tasted the sandwich. Later he ran away with the chocolate we put as a compliment inside the pack. Boys!!

8. We could deliver the lunch to this mother, Tripti Gupta, to her workplace. She is the mother of the 3rd grader Sahaj Singhal. We traveled a distance of about 15 kms to reach her workplace in C-scheme, Sehakar Mark. Seeing the lunch, it wasn’t only Mom who cheered up, but also her colleague who appreciated the efforts of JWB.

9. And lastly, we met the lovely family of Soham, class 4 student. We reached his place last and when he opened the door for us, he said: ‘I couldn’t control and have told mum about everything. I tried keeping the secret, but couldn’t control’. How honestly cute he is! With tears in her eyes, his mother Mrs. Shivani Jain – a School Principal, hugged Soham and told him he is the best son.

Psst, each mother’s reaction was priceless. Seeing them have made us realize one thing – no small effort made for them is actually ‘small’. They treasure every act their children do for them.

Photographer – Shashank K Tyagi

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