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Komal Panwar

Blogger & Singer

Find Monotony In Bollywood Music? This App Will Help You Explore The Homegrown Artists Of India

  • JWB Post
  •  November 7, 2016


Having been in a band, I know how difficult it is to get the message of your music across. For once, our country is not well exposed to the homegrown independent music.

Well there’s a Good Guy Greg who’s come out as a messiah to the independent musicians, and to those who are looking to explore some fresh music.

Meet Trunk It, a smart radio app, which is born with the aim to tackle the issue. It assembles the massive collection of Indie music for all of us.

Based on the constant interaction with the app, your choice of music will be recognized by the app and thus, the related music will be played for you.

Founder of the app Karan Nambiar says, “Everyone starts with a clean station with no pre-set genres. Every individual using the app for the first time, is asked to feed in their choice of genres, basis which the app throws music at you, shuffling all the artist in our database. We did not want to curate music for people to listen to, but give them to opportunity to curate their own radio.”

I think it’s time to create some music, kthxbye.

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