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From A Tea Planter To Restaurateur, Story Of Priyavrath Singh Mahar Speaks Of Legacy

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  •  September 13, 2016


Remember the day when Team JWB pigged out like there’s no tomorrow at the Grand Peacock Restaurant? Check it out here

Well, the authentic taste of Dal Kabul Fateh (for Vegetarians) and Lal Maas (for the non-veg lovers at JWB) still lingers on and are giving all of us food dreams. I swear!

Well, while the others were attacking the food like big bhukkads, I like the sophisticated one (Don’t give me that look, blogger-in-chief), intently listened to the rich story and heritage behind the restaurant.

Priyavrath was a lovely host as bearing with us is not that easy, and he took us for a round of the whole place which is as old as the Jaipur city. Wow!

His name, Priyavrath Singh Mahar, is his pride, and he wants to take the legacy of his forefathers forward by giving to the world a taste of Rajput culture and food.

The Grand Peacock Restaurant is currently ranked at 32 on the Tripadvisor Restaurant rankings list, making him probably the youngest restaurateur in the list which includes names like Marriot’s Okra, Niros, etc.

Amazing, right?

“However, the road to make it to the list or to become one of the top hotspots for foreigners wasn’t an easy one,” recalled Priyavrath, as he showed us the hotel area and rooms which he plans to open soon.

Interestingly, after completing 12th std., Priyavrath went to the east of India to learn Tea Plantation.

“My daata (father) never forced me to join the family business. When I expressed my wish to explore the field of Tea plantation, he readily agreed,” said Priyavrath.

He started working at Dhumchipara tea gardens of Duncans Goenka Group as an Assistant Manager. He was the in-charge of the gardens under his area which were like 20kms and the 8000 labor working there.

“Waking up to everything green and living so close to the wildlife was an experience for a lifetime,” he reminisced.

But, due to property disputes here in Jaipur, Priyavrath decided to come back and help his father in their family business.

“The restaurant was closed down when I came back. I was determined to open it again and this time with a vision to grow. In 2013, we re-opened it and it feels great to have received such a positive response from people in just three years,” he said.

“My father has taught all the recipes to the cooks. And, some of the recipes date back to the time of Sawai Ram Singh I. I solely manage all the supplies for the kitchen so as to retain the authenticity and quality of the food we serve,”

“And your hard work reflects in everything that’s in front of us,” I complimented (taking a mouthful of the Kadhi Hari Bhari. Ummmmm… the flavor!)

Started from scratch, now Priyavrath wants to add to the legacy. He has too many things on the mind.

“From October, our rooftop restaurant will also start here. Also, a 24*7 café will soon be open for public.”

Sounds like a plan!

Well, he has another important thing on his to-do list, and it’s something related to his ancestral village.

“I am planning to create a Safari and adventure trail. Our family belongs to a village near Samode, which is like 40 km from Jaipur. There are a fort, beautiful temples, and my ancestral home which is very much influenced by the British architecture,” he explained, “So, now I am taking a plunge into this project with the aim of developing and creating an unforgettable weekend getaway experience for locals as well as tourists.”

When I tried to dig further into the details, he said, “Shhhh… can’t reveal more. Will take you all when it’s complete.”

And, we all went…

Image result

Not only did we heartily enjoy the food, we cherished the story behind it. And, I remembered John Kennedy’s wise words, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

Priyavrath’s dedication to preserving and flourishing the legacy passed on to him is admirable. And the glint in his eyes reflects that he, too, will build something that shall outlive him.




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