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Graphologist & Life Coach, Aditi Surana, Tells How Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life

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  •  November 21, 2016


I met Aditi Surana, a young Graphologist and Access Consciousness Expert, yesterday in Jaipur. The Mumbai girl was in the Pink City for the first time to conduct a workshop ‘Being You in Relationships.’ Interesting? Hell yeah.

Below is my conversation with the Buddha Lady (well, being a Buddhist, I tend to name the calm and composed people with such names).

Me: Hello, Aditi! How is Jaipur treating you?

Aditi: Good so far. Can you imagine, I ate the best cheesecake in a city which is known for its spicy food?

When you can't stop having foodgasm on a yummy slice of carrot cake with a cup of Americano!! Coffee and cake!! Afternoons are meant for you. Broken camera can't stop me anymore!! #travldiaries #foodgasm #carrotcake #americano #indiatour #beingyou #foodlover

A photo posted by Aditi Surana (@aditisurana) on

Me: I wish you more delicious surprises post your workshop. How excited are you?

Aditi: Very much. This is the first time I have come to Rajasthan to conduct the workshop. We, as humans, always seek ways to be better in relationships. Don’t we? We read, meet spiritual people, ponder upon our thoughts. I am hoping this workshop will add something good in their lives.

Me: Tell me more about the way you guide people as a Life Coach. I am sure it needs lots of compassion and wisdom along with a high listening power.

Aditi: Absolutely. And, strength. You can’t help others and tell them to be strong to make a tough decision unless you are strong enough.

Me: Honestly, were people ready to listen to a young girl when you started?

Aditi: The good part about coming to me was and still is that I don’t impose my decisions on you. Second, I don’t predict the future. Which means I am not an astrologer who will give you some weird solutions to fix the issue. Third, I have a great listening power without judging you. I am not forming a point of view about you. Even if you show me your darkest of the side, I am not going to judge you. I am here to fight the problem alongside you. My clients sometimes tell me that opening to me was like talking to a mirror for them.

Me: Tell me more about how you function as an Access Consciousness Expert and Facilitator.

Aditi: I don’t consider any situation a problem. The situation is the key to resolving the problem. It’s like an opportunity to do better and become better. When people come to me and tell me what’s bothering them, I instead ask them for the solution. I let them think and come up with, say, three solutions. We sit and discuss, and I let them choose the decision they think is the best for them. Sometimes, all we need is someone to listen to us. To our worries. Talking really helps. I lend my ear to people.

Me: And when did the thought of becoming a Graphologist appear?

Aditi: Years before I became a Life Coach. I happened to comment on someone’s handwriting strokes when I was in school. I remember how I was always excited about foretelling. I did this just by looking at the way they wrote! I would tell them about their personalities, how they treat people, what their fears are. Believe it or not, most of the time, I was correct. Keeping those surprised looks of individuals in my mind, I decided to pursue graphology.

Me: All of 14 and you took that decision. You got the career clarity quite early, I must say!

Aditi: *laughs* Of course, my father was a little upset. He wanted me to walk on the same path as he did. He worked for Central Govt. But in no way, I was going to do that.

Me: Was the journey tough?

Aditi: Extremely. After I had announced my decision, I was asked to look after all my expenses. Including my college fee. The struggle was real but worth it. At a young age, I could learn about financial independence. I later went on to do the online certified courses in graphology. I am glad I could achieve all of that on my own.

Me: How did you start professionally?

Aditi: I tied up with Café Coffee Day when they just entered the Indian market. I encashed on their tagline – a lot can happen over a coffee  – and began analyzing people’s handwriting while they enjoyed beverages. Later, I grabbed a show with a renowned radio station in Mumbai where I spoke about graphology and the positive changes it could bring in life. Sigh, those days!

Me: What kind of positive changes are we talking about?

Aditi: I believe that handwriting can modify the way we think. By just changing few strokes, you can make a huge difference in the way your body functions. Dealing with a disease? Handwriting can help. Emotional trauma? Let writing come to your rescue.

Me: Really?

Aditi: The standard mechanism that we know of includes the brain giving instructions to your fingers and creating your handwriting. I was curious to know if this method could be reversed. I experimented with myself and then my mother! I went through a lot of self-esteem issue during my childhood, and my handwriting showed that. With whatever knowledge I gained during my certification, I challenged myself to remove my inner darkness by changing my writing style. I won! Later, my mother overcame diabetes by altering her writing pattern.

Me: No way!!!!

Aditi: *laughs* That’s the reaction every new person I meet gives. Let me break it down to you. The stress in our mind (and body) gives shapes to the letters we are putting on paper. Once we are relaxed and not timid about anything, we can notice a change in our handwriting. Now I am talking about reversing this process by making handwriting lower our stress level and sending the positive message to our six-feet tall body. You can call this a mix of psychological and physiological therapy. You can blame me for changing the signatures of few Bollywood celebs!

Me: Wow! You talked about experimenting with yourself. What was your learning?

Aditi: That I am complete in myself. My father died some two years back. At the same time, I was going through my divorce. Both the men decided to exit from my life that made me collapse. I took a two-year long sabbatical to rediscover myself. I went to Rishikesh to learn Yoga and then to Pondicherry for self-discipline classes. During this, I realized how every practice talked only about loving and respecting your own self. I came back to Mumbai, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. I’ve learned that self-love could be achieved by being you and not pressuring yourself to be someone else. Falling in love with your inner self is the hardest yet best decision one can make in his life.

Me: On this note, tell me, what’s that one weird habit in you one must know before taking you out for a date?

Aditi: That I can disappear. The excitement of traveling and meeting new people makes me take some madcap decisions.

Me: Crazy, eh? But not more than this Instagram post on your page where you have put the picture of a monkey with the caption – Did I say ‘Universe show me something magical!’? Seriously, what’s up?

We have a visitor out side our window!!!! Wooooohoooo. Did I say 'Universe show me something magical!'? 😀 #monkey #magic #universe #thankyou

A photo posted by Aditi Surana (@aditisurana) on

Aditi: Will you believe me if I say I share a unique connection with the animals? I was never too much into them until I realized they want to sit next to me when I talk about consciousness or energies. I have seen two extremely furious dogs, who had been running towards one another in a fit of anger, all of the sudden approaching me very peacefully. I saw an owl patiently listening to me during the daytime, sitting on my shoulder with eyes wide open. I have seen birds noiselessly staring through my window, even during the evenings when they are the loudest. Positive energies do make a difference.

I was thrilled to meet Aditi. After all, finding someone with a similar thought process is amazing. Isn’t it? If you seek any guidance from the lady herself, you can get in touch with her at +91-9867355553.

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