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Jayati Godhawat

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Here’s How This Organisation Is Helping Indian Farmers Get Their ‘Haq’

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  •  November 12, 2016


The agricultural sector in India accounts for over 13.7% of the GDP (gross domestic product)  and about 50% of the workforce. And, every day the Government announces schemes to benefit the farmers in the country to promote agriculture.

Yet, the poor state of the farmers across the country is known by all. In the past years, the number of farmer suicides due to the pressure of loans has increased multifold.

The ugly truth is that the schemes devised by the Government are not known by the majority of the farmers. Haqdarshak is one such organization which is working tirelessly towards bridging the gap between the farmers and these schemes.

The Logical Indian in collaboration with the organization, Haqdarshak shared how they are making farmers aware who otherwise felt helpless and ignored.

Haqdarshak is a multi-lingual web and mobile based platform which helps in assisting people to find and apply for government and private services they are eligible for. Right now, the area of their work is limited to two states, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. But, by March 2017, they plan to start operations in eight more states, namely, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi.

The founders of the organization PR Ganapathy, Aniket Deogar and Mayank Garg, have also entered into multiple partnerships with the governments (Rajasthan, Haryana) and organizations like Tata Trust, J-PAL, Save the Children, Basix, Center for Social Justice (CSJ) amongst many others to roll out the services.

The organization will also be available as a public portal for everyone to access by the end of January 2017. And, it shall provide the same services as the app or the registered user web portal.  The main objective of Haqdarshak is to help the less fortunate like domestic workers, street vendors, local entrepreneurs, etc., to find the benefits they are eligible for, and help them apply for it.

Haqdarshak converts the complex information on schemes and policies into understandable and simple write-up and thereby citizens about benefits, process of application, documents required, web-links to online applications, and guidelines.

Also, a network of community-based, trained facilitators, known as Haqdarshaks operate to help their own community members in  understanding and accessing the schemes. This service is minimally charged and also provides livelihood opportunity to the community-based facilitators.

Haqdarshak has also been recognized and awarded by organizations like Nasscom Foundation, MyGov-Deity, Sankalp Global Innovation Forum, TIE Bangalore, and Harvard South Asia Institute-IIT Delhi.

You can read the entire story here.

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