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Komal Panwar


Here’s Why FB Took Down This Girl’s Post About Her Harasser

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  •  June 4, 2016


Eve-teasing has no limit when it comes to humans without ethics. Bombay-based journalist Binjal Shah was visiting IIT Bombay for an event when a press member from the organizing committee exchanged numbers with her.

He began WhatsApping her and harassed her by sending shameful messages. She gave him many warnings, but the man refused to stop.

She got furious and decided to take him down through Facebook. On May 30th, she posted screenshots of the conversations along with a link to his FB profile. In the duration of 2 hours, the post was shared about 200 times.

Facebook, however, complying with its rules, removed the post.

Here’s what an FB representative said:

“We’re concerned about any abusive behavior and have made efforts to promote an environment where everyone on Facebook can connect and share comfortably. Our and prohibits the posting of content that bullies or harasses.”

The next day, she posted the entire thing again, just this time without names and a link to his profile. She has now been contacted by the Mumbai Cyber Crime cell and the department head from IIT Bombay to which the harasser belongs.

I think I’ll stand by FB on this one. It can’t sit and begin to investigate as to which one of the ‘bullies’ is right, and which one’s wrong. Isn’t it? What is your opinion?

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