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Komal Panwar


High Court Rules: Pregnancy Is No Reason To Restrict Women Doctors From Joining AMC

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  •  February 11, 2016


The High Court in Punjab and Haryana ruled that no woman doctor can be debarred from being a part of the Army Medical Corps (AMC) just because she became pregnant in between her selection process.

“Forcing a choice between bearing a child and employment interferes both with a woman’s reproductive rights and her right to jobs and such an action could have no place in modern India,” according to the judgment. “Keeping the nature of employment in consideration, the government could grant maternity leave or keep a vacancy reserved which could be offered to a candidate after childbirth.”

It was in October 2009 that a woman was barred from joining the Corps based on the fact that she had conceived during her selection process. The court has called it illegal.

Based in Pathankot, the Doctor was selected for Short Service Commission as captain in AMC in June 2013. It’s funny that even though she had already passed a medical test at the time of her selection, the administration did not allow her to join supporting it with the statement that pregnancy led to “deterioration in health.”

…And Justice for all.

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