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Drishti Bodhraj Premprakashi

JWB Intern

‘I Enjoy Being Harassed and Cat-Called’, Said #NoWomanEver

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  •  June 22, 2016

A woman going by the username @ImJustCeej and Twitter name Miss Black Awareness has recently started a hashtag called to express the annoyance over harassment and catcalling.

It caught the attention of twitterattis from all over the world, and they supported it by sharing their thoughts using the hashtag.

Here’re some of the CJ’s tweets which caught the attention of many women across the world:



And, below are some kickass tweets from other women:




Nonetheless, men found the hashtag offensive and as CJ told Buzzfeed in an Interview that she was receiving tweets like, “If we don’t approach you guys on the street, how are we supposed to meet?”

Umm, how about being less creepy and not referring to yourself as Romeo? ‘Cause boy, ‘Doth mother knoweth thou doeth this?’ Also, drop the ‘Gudh dekha makkhi jaisa fit ho gaya’ attitude. Be as classy as a wine taster. JK.

Just be yourself. Unless, you’re Donald Trump. In that case, don’t be yourself.

If women are criticized on social media too, does freedom of speech really exist?

When I read through some of the tweets myself, I felt the anger boiling up inside me. Catcalling is not uncommon for the women of India. I know how uncomfortable it feels to be stared at by men who have no idea how wrong it is. The tweets are mainly targetted towards men since we’ve barely heard of any cases where women were the ones catcalling other men or women.

We’ve all seen that a lot of catcalling is promoted through Bollywood movies. The persistence of Bollywood protagonists is apparently very appealing to the female protagonists. The absurd thought that “No means Yes” is what really gets the catcallers going.


Men NEED to understand that catcalling is NOT COOL. No, it will not help you get a girlfriend. No, it will not make you a “stud”. Anything forceful from your end is not going to impress girls, okay?

Most of the cases I’ve heard about eve-teasing in India have either gone unnoticed by the police, or the offender is bailed easily. How long will it take for people to realize that cat-calling can have a traumatic impact on the victim?

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