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Indian Women Blog Is Slurping Over Gayatri Narang’s Savoury Ice-Creams

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  •  February 2, 2017


As a kid, I loved trying every new ice cream flavor whenever I went to my favorite ice cream wale bhaiya. But while being choosy over picking the sweetest one, did I ever think of making those ice-creams some day? Hell no!

Well, there’s someone in her mid-twenties who is all game to turn your favorite food flavor into a healthy delicious ice cream. London School of Economics graduate, Gayatri Narang has curated a novel concept of turning food flavors into palatable freezing desserts at Minus 30.

Below is the cool and creamy conversation we had with the ice cream designer.

IWB: Introduce yourself as a flavor of ice cream.

Gayatri: If I were an ice cream, I’d like myself to be introduced as a “Dark Chocolate & Cointreau.” As a person, I am quite intense especially when it comes to my work and day-to-day routine, but I make sure I always spare some time for a bit of fun too.

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IWB: Where did the idea of turning anything that we eat into ice cream come from? How did you execute it?

Gayatri: It’s not entirely about turning anything into ice-cream, but more about imaginative combinations, that I work towards. I had never really been exposed to savory ice-creams until I went to pursue a course in Italy, where it was very common to combine something sweet and something savory, and it made a delicious ice-cream combo. In order to execute it in Delhi, I have used a lot of subtle infusions and gentle cheese in some flavors.

IWB: How are you planning to expand Minus30? What new innovations are you trying to bring this year?

Gayatri: Minus 30 has just begun. It’s been only about 5 months but has been an incredible journey with a phenomenal response. There’s a lot in store for this year regarding new flavors and concepts. I shall be announcing them soon.

Slurrrpp! Waiting much.

IWB: Apart from Minus 30, you have also been closely associated with NGOs.

Gayatri: I have worked with the Umeed Foundation in Sangrur, Punjab where I encouraged women to revive handicrafts and hence, forth empowering them. We’ve created a brand – Aiyana under which they retail their products across various e-commerce websites, retail stores, and exhibitions across India.

IWB: What made you shift from fashion to ice creams?

Gayatri: While I love fashion, my passion has always been food and desserts. So it was a natural shift towards ice-cream.

IWB: How different is your approach towards making your ice creams healthier and nutritious as compared to others?

Gayatri: I only use the best ingredients sourced from across the world. I strongly believe you are what you eat – hence, everything that I put into making ice-creams, tend to be preservative-free and absolutely fresh. My flavors are all sourced from Italy and France.

IWB: One ice cream trend you wish to see in 2017?

Gayatri: For a change, I would like to see some savory ice-creams coming into the market.

IWB: What is your most embarrassing ice cream childhood memory?

I don’t think I have an embarrassing childhood memory. For me, ice-cream is an everyday indulgence!

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