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JLF Day 2: Five Quotes Of Anuja Chauhan That’ll Make You Read Her Books

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  •  January 22, 2016


Anuja Chauhan is one of our favorites. After almost two decades of working in the advertising field, she began writing her first novel in 2008. During her session ‘Dil Maange More” on the second day of JLF, Anuja spoke of all her books and the favorite characters from each one of them.

We second the session moderator, Ira Pandey, who described her as one of the writers who could rightly tap the energy in her books generated after two cultures collide.

Below are five interesting quotes of Anuja from today’s session:

 “‘The Zoya Factor’ has a girl called Zoya Singh Solanki fighting to fit into the “unabashedly shallow” world of advertising. There’s also Nikhil Lodha, her love interest. Many people ask me why being the Prince Charming have I portrayed him to be less opinionated. Well, that’s simply because I didn’t want my Zoya to be less prejudiced just because she is younger to him. My Zoya is free-spirited and a strong-headed woman. I think the characters in the book entirely compensate one another.”

“In the ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’, you read about four young and dynamic sisters. However I am close to the youngest one, Ishwari. She is, in many ways, strike a similarity with my personality. One being, she is as authoritative as I am. And a fun person to be with. Ha-ha. Moreover, we share the same birth year!”

“My books have a character called ‘Chachi’ which is admired by many readers. Isn’t she an interesting woman? One of my mother’s aunts inspired me to form this character. She is full of life, and I guess, each one of has an aunty like her in our lives.”

“The romance in my books is very intense, and I like it that way. Thankfully, I am blessed with a smooth, smart and sexy love-life that makes me believe in the beauty of a married relationship. My husband is very supportive of what I do. I got the first ever draft of my story checked by him. So that he doesn’t get confused with the many names, I had to name my characters using alphabets A ,B, C and D.”

“In spite of being in the glam industry for so long and working amidst Bollywood celebs, I understand the agony a human being undergoes. Thanks to my political background, I have seen the misery one suffers while fighting to get the ticket and then to win the battle. This knowledge could make me stable emotionally as a writer.”

You can buy Anuja’s other books here: Battle for Bittora :The Story Of India’s Most Passionate LokSabha Contest, and The House that BJ Built.

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