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Sakshi Lakhotia

JWB Intern

JWB Bagpacks With Team Entripreneur On Work-Vacation Trips

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  •  July 5, 2016


As an entrepreneur, if you believe that LinkedIn is the only good way for you to make connections, you’re wrong. Entripreneur (yes, with an ‘i’, not an ‘e’) is now the offline alternative platform for you to socialise as well as vacation with like-minded people. The initiative was started by the enthused entrepreneurs Rachna Ghiya, Swapna Soni, Anuj Agrawal and Janhvi Sharma. Let’s discover why the team of four says that workcation-ing for entrepreneurs is productive!

Why is there a distortion of the word, ‘Entrepreneur’ in your company’s name?  

The word ‘trip’ in our name defines our motive of organising workations for entrepreneurs. 

Why did you start Entripreneur? 

One day, we were discussing the conferences and meetings that are organised specifically for entrepreneurs. We thought of it as superficial networking because no person actually got to know another. So, we wanted a platform that would teach the business community to make synergies and work together. 

Also, many entrepreneurs are always busy working, thus taking holidays makes them guilty. We wanted to combine leisure with the entrepreneurs’ lifestyle, so they could get regular breaks from a challenging lifestyle, travel and connect. We believe our venture to be the next level of connections. 

Do you have a varied definition of the term ‘Entrepreneurship’? 

Swapna Soni: It’s about combining your passion and work.

Anuj Agrawal: The definition differs from person to person. 

Rachna Ghiya: There’s no ONE definition. You can’t contain it in a set of words. If you’re passionate about an idea, making that work is entrepreneurship.

Jahnvi Sharma: It’s about taking risks and doing what I love no matter what risk it involves.

What challenges did you face while setting up Entripreneur? 

Rachna Ghiya: Communicating effectively. Everyone thought it was just a regular, three-day fun trip. In the end, everyone loved the idea and were ready to help in any way possible whether it was financially or anything.

Anuj Agrawal: We did some miscalculation earlier, and the trip became too expensive, which was difficult to deal with later. 

Swapna Soni: Our parents never understood. They thought we were running a travel agency. Even today, I have to sit for long hours to make them understand what we’re doing. 

What activities do you specifically do at the Entripreneur getaways? 

Some of the activities such as Rafting, Rappelling and Slithering are the regular set of camp activities. However, at the same time, we ensure each activity has a message behind it. Many activities are about teamwork, an important aspect in the business world. We also encourage the entrepreneurs to be themselves. As it is informal, they connect better. Hence, it’s all about inspiring the entrepreneurs.

How do you earn off a unique venture like Entripreneur? 

Till date, we have only organised one trip. As a start-up, our priority is not financial prosperity but getting the message across. However, whatever we earn, it is from the investors of the trip and not from the entrepreneurs participating in the trip. Making money off the entrepreneurs will distort our mission. So, we try keeping the costs to a bare minimum for all. 

Where do you see Entripreneur after five years?

We will be conducting frequent trips. Not just weekend trips. But work-away camps, which means not just vacation but also work for them to enjoy working. We’re looking forward to having a community of 5000 entrepreneurs and 20-25 start-ups. 

Don’t you think sharing innovative ideas with one another will limit an entrepreneurs privacy or diminish his/her USP? 

You need partners to execute ideas. Our venture is not about competition; it’s about synergising. Our motive is to help these entrepreneurs find the right partners. It becomes an issue, otherwise. 

For the Viratkhai trip, we got 412 applications in all. Out of these applications, we shortlisted 40 and interviewed them to further cut down the list to 15 people. These 15 people then finally joined us for the first Entripreneur trip.

Why should we choose Entripreneur and not any other platform?

We believe that social media doesn’t connect you in a way that’ll help you create a life-long relationship. When working together and looking for partners, only going through their CV isn’t enough, you know? There really has to be a connect, which can only happen offline, physically on such trips. After that, building the relationship can take place online.

Why did you choose Viratkhai as the destination for your first trip?

This place has only one lodge. No shops. No distractions. It was the perfect getaway. The entrepreneurs had a relaxing and quality time. 

Where will the next En-trip take place?

We’re planning a trip to Southern India. We’ve opened up a discussion on social media. We will also have entrepreneurs from different countries, such as Spain and Germany. 

Tell us one surprisingly unique thing about your trips.  

Rachna Ghiya: It’s quite awesome how we aren’t only taking established entrepreneurs. We take people who are working towards being entrepreneurs, too. 

Swapna Soni: Also, there are no age boundaries. On our last trip, we had an entrepreneur, Rian Navekar, aged 10 and an entrepreneur, Vasant Agrawal, aged 68. It’s amazing!

Anuj Agrawal: The conversations that happen are unexplainable. You should be there to experience it. 

What message do you have for the entrepreneurs out there? 

Jahnvi Sharma: Find the right people, which we will help you do on these trips. 

Swapna Soni: Leap first and look later. When you take a step forward, everything will fall into place. 

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