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JWB Carjacks Golgappa Trolley At Lalit’s Baluchi, Escapes Unnoticed

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  •  October 24, 2016

‘Your new job ‘Be the Coolest’!’ is what I get to hear from my friends for a while now. Oh well, you people might be right at that point! I don’t wish to sound like a brag but yes from driving fancy cars to eating scrumptious dishes at fancy restaurants, life is treating me well.

Okay, so very recently lunch hour break was surprisingly delightful for me because I got to treat my tummy at The Lalit Jaipur. I have a thing for Mughlai cuisine and this delectable trip that I took to Baluchi two days back was the ideal lunch plan.

I kept wishing veg food to take more occupancy on the menu. The moment we grabbed our chairs we were handed the most self-explanatory menus I had ever seen.

Beyond the veg and non-veg marks, this menu cared to reveal dishes containing nuts, spicy food disclaimers and much more. This could shorten long enquiring conversations with the waiter. And does that mean my food arriving a little fast too?


Okay so enough of the menu, we were then introduced to our ‘Khaas Dawat’. And a refreshing drink arrived at our table that I secretly desired more. But it wouldn’t be smart to get another hop on it, as so much was awaiting ahead. And I am a smart girl ‘evil food greed.’ It was the Bhunne Ananas ka sharbat, a tangy drink topped with cumin and made out of roasted pineapples.

The breads were tiny and cute and tasted delicious with every sip of wine. And did I mention these wines are grown in India and marketed in India too?

Photographer Akshit was gobbling up on starters. With the full mouth, he mumbled, “The Chandi Kaliyan (chicken cooked in double cheese, flavored with cardamom) is superbly soft and juicy. And the Paraat Ki machli was heavenly too.” The spices added to the starters tasted sweet leaving a tingly taste after a sip of white wine.

Don’t think I was chewing all the time! Here is a proof, a quick chat with the executive chef Ajay Mathur:

Me: Chef, what are some of the recipes/dishes you learned at home and introduced to the kitchen here?

Chef: When I started working at The Lalit in Delhi, I remember how I introduced the ghar ki chutney that is crushed on a stone and regularly made at my home. Also, I introduced gulukand gujiyas to our kitchen!

Me: Who takes the charge of the kitchen at your house?

Chef: Ohhh my wife does, but whenever I get an off, it is mandatory for me to cook for my kids. They get really excited to eat something special once a week and I love cooking for them.

The chat was getting quicker, as we were served Dal Baluchi, aah undoubtedly my favorite, and Rabodi hara pyaz which was a traditional marwari dish cooked with thick papad and spring onion. Definitely, I had to pause. And Chef didn’t mind!

The fried vegetables tasted a lot different from the usual number. It was Shadras Tarkari, made of broccoli, baby corn, bell peppers and asparagus, stir-fried in a very refreshing masala. Believe me, you gotta try that!

If to believe Akshit, whose noisy chomping had held my confidence since then:  “This Palak Shikar Hadoti (mutton pieces cooked with spinach and mild spices) was extremely savory and have a very soothing taste.”

Ohh! And I fell in love with golgappa trolley. I remember staring at this cute little thing for so long that my friend shook me off, “Ghar le chalna hai kya isko?” 

Then came ‘The moment’ I wait for at every restaurant. The desserts. Just on our right was the ‘live dessert counter’ and I couldn’t hold my horses after I actually saw the chef tossing gulab jamuns. Sluuuurrrppppp

I finished the ‘Pan Kulfi’ in just two minutes. Akshit was amazed at my capacity! Personal Recommendation: Don’t leave Baluchi without having this kulfi.”

Alas! With slow steps and super filled stomachs, we left the restaurant looking forward to making another visit soon.

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