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Komal Panwar

Blogger & Singer

JWB Clinked ‘Cheap Drinks’ With The Journalists Of Jaipur

  • JWB Post
  •  November 17, 2016


I still remember the first time I discovered the word Journalism. I was watching Kaun Banega Crorepati, and a middle-aged contestant was sitting on the hot seat. When Amitabh Bachchan asked him to introduce himself and his family, he stood in respect for his wife who was a journalist.

I immediately asked my dad, “Who is a journalist?” And, that’s when my respect for journalists increased.

Well, for me, the National Journalism Day began with fixing a tea date with journalists around the city. I had my questions prepared, and wondered how they’d feel sitting on the other side of the table.

Me: Can you Doodle? 

When I asked the journalists Abir (DNA) & Lata ji (Dainik Bhaskar) to answer that question, they had no idea what they were going to walk into.

Abir: Doodling is a stress buster. So yeah, who doesn’t love doodling?

And, so, I got them going. I handed the journalists some newspapers and asked them to start. Do you remember how, when we were kids, we used to doodle mustaches, long hair, and turn the celebrities into blue-inked brides?

It was time to go crazy again. While Abir seemed to have an expertise with the doodling, Lata ji was new. She picked up a fairness cream advertisement and started drawing over it.

Soon, Tabeenah from Deccan Herald joined us.

Me: If you were to give the boring and scary “deadline” a new name, what would it be?

Abir: Chal nikal be!

Tabeenah: Half dead. Deadlines literally make you half dead!

Lata: Chodho aur bhaago!

Of course, deadlines can be scary AF.

Me: What is one secret that your discarded drafts reveal?

Abir: Honestly, I feel the first draft is always raw, and full of information. But, when you sit down to edit it, it keeps getting altered, and many facts are chopped off. Many secrets in that corner of the recycle bin.

Tabeenah: I try not to throw the drafts away. As Abir said, they contain the real essence of any story.

Me: Do you remember your first ever article?

Abir: My Hijab poem.

Tabeenah: I was a student of 10th grade, and my story got published in Kashmir Times. I was so happy. I ran around the colony showing it to everyone!

Me: If you were set free, in what style would you write your news report?

Tabeenah: I’d write it as a photo story or a poem. I love photography.

Abir: Maybe colorful letters and poetry.

Lata: I’d add more emotions and my opinion to the story!

MeImagine you’re children. What is the one thing you’d deem to be newsworthy?

They started scribbling on a piece of tissue paper like little kids, hiding away what they were writing. Though, I managed to take a small peek. Tehehe.

Abir: We landed on Mars. I saw a meteor pass by and too many stars shining above. Mummy and I kept walking ahead as astronauts. The screen went blank in the planetarium, and I realized that the chairs had started rotating. Into the Universe, I saw aliens that had started attacking the Earth.

We were finally landing back on Earth. Plain silence. Darkness. We were back home. The planetarium lights turned on and I always want to visit the space back again.

Lata: Sardi ka woh masti bhara, ghar se school ka raasta. Sardi ki wo kadkadaati thand, ghar se bina sweater pehne hi school ke liey nikal padi. Raaste me apne jooto se pathharo ko ek ke baad ek aaage badhaati chali gayi. Puri raaste khoob masti kari. Masti karte karte hi school pohoch gayi, aur sardi ka ehsaas hi nahi hua.

Jab school pohchi aur prarthana ki line me lagi to mehsoos hua ki bohot tez sardi hai aur haath aur pair jam gaye. Teacher ne dekha ki mujhe bohot tez sardi lag rahi hai. Unhone kaagazo se alaap jalaaya, apna shawl nikala aur tab mujhe thand lagni bandh hui. 

After their stories, I decided to surprise them. We were going to write a song! And Abir suggested doing a ‘Cheap Thrills’ parody.

And that’s how Cheap Thrills became “Cheap Drinks”

Come on, come on, shut the papers off,
It’s Friday night and I won’t be long,
Gotta wear my scarf, put my Kajal on,
It’s Friday night and I won’t be long,
Bas karo ab! Bas karo ab!
Ab na ho payega!
Aaj chill karne ka scene bana,
Wo bhi bigad jaayega.
Baby I need some coffee tea to have fun tonight!
Baby I have no time to work,
When I’m drinking CHAI!
I love cheap drinks!

This song described how they were feeling when they were done with work!

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