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Cyrus Edwin

JWB Intern

JWB Crunches The Healthiest Pizzas At Zolocrust, Then Strolls Their Tummies In The Garden

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  •  October 21, 2016


Making up my mind that today at JWB office, I wouldn’t eat anything that counts as junk, I got happily out of the house, sat on the vehicle, and reached the office. 

Determined as never before, I sat down on my chair thinking I would not eat anything even if they forced me to when suddenly I heard somebody would lunch-treat us at Zolocrust. Before even telling me to accompany them, there I was waiting for Komal and Mansi in the cab. Trust me; I can replace the Flash when it comes to food.

Having reached the hotel, we were warmly welcomed by the chef himself. The table had a view of the swimming pool and was the most requested table of all time. Clearly, none of us were interested in enjoying the scene in the pool for we knew that something Hot was about to come to us *wink*

I knew the food was gonna be amazing but the menu itself was tickling. Seeing so many savory dishes in the menu, we had not only rats, but all kinds of animals jumping in our bellies, Unable to decide, we asked the chef to help us out.

So first came in a big rectangular cardboard box. Filling the air with the strong roasted garlic-y smell, we knew what’s gonna be ínside. It was a thin crust oven baked pizza. And not just a normal one, it was PIZZA AL CAPRINO. Topped with Goat cheese, garlic confit, oven-dried tomatoes and oh! Not to forget the juice oozing out of the melting mozzarella cheese  Ummmm…mmmm… it was the best pizza I ever had.  

While we were in the middle of cherishing the flavors of the first pizza, there came in another one. THE ROASTED VEGGIE as it is called was topped with freshly cut bell peppers, grilled zucchini, mushroom and broccoli and the winner of the show, smoky mozzarella.

Shifting our focus from Al Caprino to The Roasted veggie, we all set to sail to harbor our stomachs with this delicious pizza now.

Guys! You know what? Like everybody has an annoying habit, we found Komal’s the other day, Whenever she eats she makes this loud sound Om Nom Nom Nom Nom due to which every guest was just looking at her.

After having finished the pizzas, we were surprised to see a truck on the table; I mean the tray full of big glasses filled with what seemed to us exotic colors of different sorts. There was sparkling white, a subtle shade of brown, radiant pink, Jamun red, tangy yellow and the Iced- tea color. *Clearly flaunting about my color knowledge.

Clearly, I get irritated when somebody disturbs me while eating. Chaveesh!!! You are dead :)

Intrigued by the alluring colors of the shakes, it was time for us to taste the freshly prepared shakes made from only and only fresh fruits.

Suddenly Mansi and Komal, bossing around, as if knowing everything, started boasting about the names of the shakes. From strawberry to vanilla to chocolate, they got it all wrong *Rolls eyes upwards*.

So here, bosses, let me do the honors. The purple one was CHIMP BERRY, made with banana and all kind of berries, the white one was VANILLA BEAN, mingled with freshly scraped pulp from the vanilla pod, the brown one was THICK ESPRESSO SHAKE which had a subtle kick of coffee in the end. The yellow one was freshly squeezed ORANGE JUICE  and the one that stole the show, LYCHIKIRI, made with fresh Strawberry and Lychee; this shake is one to die for.

While busy fighting for the shakes to taste, we almost missed the entrance of sizzling trays of pasta. One was Penne in Marinara sauce and the other, Spaghetti in Creamy sauce.

The secret to Tangy Marinara sauce is the home-made tomato sauce, accompanied with grilled bell peppers, olives, mushroom, basil, truffle oil and parmesan cheese. These pastas are worth a try.

If you thought that all this food sufficed our hunger, then you were wrong. Drooling for more like Dogger-in-chief, the chef brought us another pizza. This one was Classic Margherita, topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, and basil. The amount of juice this pizza had *Slurp*, I can’t continue…

Food drunk as everybody was, except me, I keenly waited for the desserts to come and guess what they didn’t disappoint me.

They were really high on food, here. Can you see?

GIANDUJA CHOCOLATE MARQUISE. A creamy chocolate mousse made with Gianduja chocolate and hazelnut. As sinful as it looks, the cold, creamy mousse can get you to kill somebody. 

Last but not the least marched in my favorite dessert, TIRAMISU, and trust me, this one of the best tiramisus I have ever had. It had the original ‘pick me up layers’ of rich Italian mascarpone cheese, and the espresso soaked Savoiardi biscuits made it heaven-like.          

Having eaten so much, we were in dire need of taking a stroll to get rid of the bloated stomachs and guess what, who came to the rescue, the chef himself. Zolocrust has a thing which other restaurants in Jaipur don’t. They grow their own vegetables in the garden. So chef took us to a small area where they had cherry tomatoes peeping red at us.

As for my favorites, Pizza Al Caprino, Lychikiri, Penne in Marinara Sauce and the scrumptious Tiramisu were the stars of the show.

And Here is the JWB’s Verdict:

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