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Komal Panwar


JWB Eats A 66 Feet Long Pastry & Feasts On Mongolian Food On The First Anniversary Of Crowne Plaza

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  •  November 5, 2016


The lovely people at Crowne Plaza invited JWB to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of their hotel with them. I entered the House of Han with Photographer Chhaveesh, and trust you me, it was a fresh change from the usual red and gold interiors that I am so used to seeing in Chinese restaurants! Well, we were in for a treat. 

Fashion Designer Hemant Ambwani along with Travel/Food Writer Dharmendar Kanwar were invited to reveal the Mongolian Griddle at the House of Han at the Crowne Plaza.

My dear taste buds, let me introduce you to the Mongolian delight. If you like mushrooms, you’re going to want to grow up to five times your size and eat everything. But, calm down. We don’t want to make a fool out of ourselves, do we? When I saw Chef Vikash, I was assured that the food would be interesting. Chhaveesh and I sat down at the table along with many other bloggers.

The General Manager, Ashwani K. Goela said, “We sincerely thank our guests on our hotels 1 st Anniversary, for providing continuous love and support. We are delighted to launch Mongolian Food Theatre at House of Han just before the New Year so that our guests can have another reason to enjoy the experience with their family and loved ones, also introducing new signature menu by our Chinese expatriate Chef Lee Tuck Seng, I am positive that our guests will continue to patronize our food & beverage venues for family and business dining.”
The problem with me is that if I’m around food, I’m bound to blur out every other existing reality. There’s definitely nothing more real than food, right? 

The first thing that came to our table was so impressive that it embarrassed me (I screamed out of excitement).We were served Jasmine Green Tea in a massive badass kettle. When they poured the tea, I felt like a gun was being pointed at me to drink the tea. I’ll be honest though, the tea was one of my favorites from the entire menu. I loved how it smelled, and it came in handy for a weight watcher maniac like me.
After the tea, we were served with Kung Pao Lotus Stem. Yes, I mean the same lotus stem that your mom tries to stuff your face with, but you hate it. Mom, it’s time to be proud of your little girl, as she successfully managed to finish it all. But, then again, everything with peanuts is God for me. I loved how the lotus stem tasted very similar to the Crispy Chilly Potatoes we love! Yeah, that taste is going to give your palette a familiar experience. If you’re not sure about Mongolian food and have never tasted it before, begin here.

Mushroom lovers, this is the CUE for YOU! Haha, the cue for you, I’m funny.
I felt that the Chinese Grill mushroom was a little too strong for my taste, but if you love mushroom, you can go ahead, and ignore what I just said. Along came the Dumplings, they are basically dim sums in different fillings. I enjoyed the Chicken Sui Mai the most out of all. The filling was apt and the chicken, slurrrrppp. 
The food-drunk meter was rising up as the soup was served. The soup worked as a palette cleanser, and the pieces of corn in my mouth were a sweet pleasure. It had just the right hint of asparagus, a taste that encouraged me to expect more food. Not that I need a nudge, but nonetheless…

As I shamelessly waited for more food to come, my tummy felt even more desperate. The aroma of the main course had already filled the room.

The food arrived, and my plate tasted it all before I could. That lucky round thing, eh? For someone who can’t hold a spoon properly, eating using chopsticks was going to be quite a task for me.

Whoops! JWB blogger Komal got all clumsy while trying how to use chopsticks at the #crowneplaza

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I decided to give up and used the fork. I attacked the Kung Pao chicken, it tasted similar to the Chilly Chicken we’re used to eating but with a slightly, and thankfully milder taste. The steamed red snapper with Black Bean Sauce was a first time experience for me. Honestly, I’ve never liked fish, but I tend to eat it because it’s good for your skin and hair. In this case, the black bean sauce enhanced the taste and made it easier for me to eat.

The Mongolian Burnt garlic Fried Rice was the winner. I loved it so much that to give respect to it, I’d have especially learnt how to use chopsticks and gotten back to eating it.

The lavish feast ended leaving a sweet taste in my mouth. The dessert was a special surprise. The chief guests of the event, Senior Vice President – Hospitality- Operations & development at D.S Group Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Mr. Nikhil Vahi & Travel Writer Dharmendar Kanwar cut the ribbon before they went on to cut the cake on the first Anniversary of the Crowne Plaza.

It was a pastry so long that you’d need a giant Cobra for scale. The pastry weighed 220 Kgs, was 66 feet long, a foot wide and stood four inches tall. Now, we’re talking.

In my dreams, I’d already devoured all of it, and that’s when Photographer Chhaveesh snapped me awake.


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