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Komal Panwar


JWB Eats: Lunch-Date At Lazy Mojo Made JWB Eaters Utterly Lazy

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  •  July 2, 2016


Before I start, here’s one thing I’ve gotta tell you. I love food, so much that I didn’t shy away from writing a poem about it. Sometimes, I find myself staring at food and wondering, Oh, dear food, you’re the most important thing in my life”. And, that’s how the poem came about.

An Ode to Food

Dear food,

You rock so hard that I feel like jamming you (into my mouth)

You smell like a dream, and look like one, too.

I’m so glad that you exist, I’m so glad you’re here,

You’re all I see, everywhere.

Maybe that’s why my friends hate me,

I eat everything they offer for free.

Sorry, if I got carried away. I wrote this poem the day I went to Café Lazy Mojo with Blogger-in – Lovy and our two marketing interns Shubra and Saumya. It was their first outing with us, and they were about to find out how hungry we were all the f*cking time.

We reached Lazy Mojo, and even on a Tuesday, it was pretty much occupied. We went inside and seated ourselves inside the alley. Lovy and I were starving, the girls probably didn’t say it because they were too shy!

Let’s not forget, our photographer Sanchit, is almost always hungry, too. Sanchit usually has his way of torturing us. Just imagine, what can be the worst thing about being hungry?

Having the food right in front of you, and not being able to eat it! Because Sanchit needs to click artistic pictures of the food just when we’d give our lives to dive into the dishes!

The ambiance of the restaurant was very interesting. I can safely say that I spent the food-waiting time staring at the colorful walls which read ‘Jaipur’ and had Hawa Mahal printed on them.

The service was alright, we didn’t have to wait too long!

One by one, we were served with platters of delicious food:

Oven Baked Nachos

These Nachos were baked with cheese and had three delicious dips: Spicy Mint Mayo, Tomato Salsa, and Cheese. My favorite was cheese! It didn’t take long for us to devour the scrumptiously organized nachos.

Gun Powder Marinated Chicken Fingers

Lovy and I didn’t think for even a second and attacked. My inner goddess told Lovy’s inner goddess, “Psst. We should eat like normal people, and not how hog at home!” Damn, they were so delicious. The mint mayo dip was growing on to me. They were perfectly crispy! Slurp. My next visit will especially be dedicated to this specific dish.

Herb Crumbed Fish Finger

Not my favorite thing, but that could be because I’m not a fan of fish.

Honey Chili Potato

The vegetarian clan, while we were still working our way with the chicken fingers, told us that the honey chili potato was the best they’d eaten in a long time. Lovy extended her hand and grabbed a few potato fingers and said, “I can vouch for that!”

Cajun Spiced Rubber Basa Fish

I’d said earlier that I’m not a fan of fish, but this was different. This dish was…mmmm… something everyone should taste at least once in their lifetime! The fish wasn’t dry, it was extremely soft and melted the moment I put it inside my mouth.

Lovely Lemonade

This was the perfect companion on the side of the Basa fish. We were so full, we had to push down everything to make room for more, and the Lovely lemonade did the trick!

Hot Malaysian Delight

Hands down, this was the best vegetarian dish I’d eaten. Jaipur can eat paneer in any and every form. The dish had two paneer patties garnished with vegetables. After eating this, the interns, Lovy and I were grinning the whole time.

Waffles With Nutella, Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream

This is Sanchit’s story! He jumped onto the vanilla ice cream despite his ill-health (hate you, Sanchit)! Suspiciously, since that day, his cold improved. It was all probably a trick he played on us! The waffles were the perfect way to end the lunch, though I wish there were one extra scoop of ice cream to go!



JWB Verdict

We left Lazy Mojo with hoity tummies, and I wrote the crappy poem as soon as we reached office.



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