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Himanshu Roy

JWB Blogger

Learn How This Homemaker-turned-Gram Pradhan Is Making U.P’s Nizampur A Model Village

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  •  August 26, 2016


“Hamara naam Afroz Jahan hai aur ham Nizampur ke gram pradhan hai.”

There’s something in these words that perfectly channel the energy and vision of this homemaker turned gram pradhan. She has earned accolades from all quarters for the developmental work that she is doing in her village.

In a new video created by Vim, Afroz Jahan bares her heart out, and we get a peek into her life along with the people around her who have regularly shown their support for this lady.

“My parents had given me full freedom, and it’s true that I was a bit skeptical when I was married that whether I will have the same sort of liberty in my husband’s home or not. But all my inhibitions went away after spending a few days with them,” says Afroz, whose husband Mohammed Sadiq has always supported her.

At times it sounds bizarre that how even highly educated people fall prey to chauvinism and eventually try to stifle the voice of their spouses but when you hear what the illiterate Mohammed Sadiq has to say, you are bound to get astounded.

“I haven’t studied much, and my wife is more educated than me. That’s why I asked her to stand for the elections of the gram pradhan. I have been a social worker for a very long time, and I felt that together we could change this village,” says Sadiq.

The result? Afroz has brought a sea change to the community, with better midday meals at schools, improved street lighting system and better roads being some of the few things that she has done for Nizampur.

This small village nestled in the heart of Uttar Pradesh is slowly turning into a model place and setting an example for other communities.

Afroz is a busy mother, a homemaker who actively takes part in the household chores and above all, she also takes care of the entire village by formulating better policies and developmental plans.

Now, that’s some multitasking!

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