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Komal Panwar


Let This 6 Y.O. YouTube Sensation Teach You How To Make A Coconut Payasam

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  •  July 1, 2016


When I was six, I’d spend my time mixing eet ka chura with chalk ka chura, and call them salt and red pepper. I’d bake my chocolate cake with mud and water.

Before you go all ‘eww’ on me, let me tell you about 6-year-old Nihal Raj from Kochi. This little master chef has his own YouTube channel called Kichatube HD where he teaches you how to make delicious coconut payasam.

Hey, mom, don’t read this, or you’ll just tell me how lame I am! Yes, mom, you and I both can agree to that.

Nihal enjoys the following of over 2,600 on YouTube. Recently Facebook acquired rights for his Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream video for $2000.

Um, I think I’m hungry. Check out some of his recipes below!

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