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Jayati Godhawat

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Zeemlo App Will Help You Make Money While You Cook For Your Family

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  •  November 17, 2016


“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.”~~Tom Freston

Two businessmen of the city wanted to do something for the society, especially for the women, and thus, came up with a mobile based application called .

Zeemlo is a mobile app which provides home-cooked food to the people. The whole idea of Zeemlo is to empower the housewives by facilitating easy earning through cooking and delivering fresh, homemade food to the people.

Jaipur Women Blog met the founders of the app, Pankaj Sharma and Aditya Jain to know more about this unique venture.

The Word ‘Zeemlo.’

Aditya Jain

When I had heard the term, Zeemlo, I was curious and asked them about the word. Aditya explained, “The word is basically derived from the Rajasthani word, ‘Jeemlo’ which means come and eat.”

“We want Zeemlo to be recognized by the women, and we want to empower as many women as possible,” Pankaj added.

Idea of the venture

Pankaj has been successfully running his own IT company in the city, and Aditya Jain handles the family businesses of real estate, finance, and jewelry.

“We met at some party, a few years ago, and have been friends since then. Being in the field where I offer technological solutions to other companies, the idea came when I was advising one of my clients on their restaurant business,” shared Pankaj.

“We always discussed of doing something different which would also help us contribute to the society in a way. And, so while brainstorming Pankaj presented this idea, and I was sold right through,” Aditya continued.

Pankaj Sharma

“Most Indian women are good cooks, and we wanted to convert this skill of making food for the family into a way of earning an income, that too, from their home,” Pankaj further added.

He also explained that how the idea of delivering home cooked food is not something which hasn’t been explored in the past by other people.

“We had done research before starting Zeemlo. A similar mobile app was started in Ahmedabad, but it failed and was closed down. There had been attempts by many people in different states to start with a similar platform. However, most of them hadn’t worked out,” Pankaj explained.

“So, the first thing we did was to identify the problems and the reasons for the failure of the past projects. After identifying, we chalked out solutions for each one of them,” he added.

How Zeemlo Works

The women who wish to sell their home-cooked food prepare the food and upload it on the app. “The uploading process is very simple and easy. Also, they can do it in Hindi or English, as per their comfort,” told Pankaj.


After uploading, it is being tested and approved by the Zeemlo team. After approval, the user can see it on the app and order. On ordering the food, the housewife shall get the alert, and Zeemlo’s delivery boy would go to her with Zeemlo’s standard food packaging material. Once packed, the user shall be sent an alert.

“The entire process of ordering the food and its delivery take place within 35-40 minutes,” claimed Aditya.

“The uniqueness of our project lies in the way Zeemlo is empowering women. We give them the freedom to choose whatever they want to serve. Also, they can choose the delivery time span under which the thaali would be available for order and delivery. As a homemaker, a woman has multiple things to do and so, we didn’t want to bind them and affect their other chores,” Pankaj elucidated.



Interestingly, one seller can only upload upto three plates at a given time.

“See, the concept of Zeemlo is to give the taste of “Ghar ka bana khana.” We always instruct the housewives to upload the same food that they have cooked for their family and have set the limit of three plates, deliberately, so as to ensure the quality of the food and its authenticity,” discussed Aditya.

Smart, right?

Zeemlo has been in operation on trial basis in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur and is currently available for Android users.


“We have received an amazing response till now, and it will be operational everywhere in Jaipur in the next few months. Also, we are planning to launch it across India in 18 months,” said Aditya.

“Zeemlo is a social entrepreneurial venture and our main aim is to give the housewives an opportunity to earn from home thereby empowering them,” concluded Pankaj, “Give it a try.”

P.S.: You can download the Zeemlo app, here.

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