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Mostly Sane To Totally Insane: JWB’s Workshop Bloggy Boogie Wraps Up With A Bang

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  •  September 12, 2016


Instead of writing this right now, had I been talking about the coolest workshop in the world, Bloggy Boogie, I’d be basically video blogging.

Okay, before you turn away and think I’ve lost my sanity, let me introduce you to the sanest kid in town – Some call her the Desi Superwoman in making, others like me, just gaze at her in amazement!

Prajakta, who is ‘ visited St. Xavier’s College for the final day of the Bloggy Boogie workshop. And oh, it was the perfect end to the boogie-st, cool-est and fun-est workshop! The students welcomed YouTuber Prajakta and Sudeep from One Digital Entertainment with a buffering neck. Yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Vlogging should be fun. When I am creating a YouTube video, I don’t spend days figuring out what to speak about. It is just everyday stuff! And, yeah, that’s what works. It works because people can relate to it. They think you are just like them.

I agree, Prajakta’s video that talks about ‘strange’ words that Delhi people use, had me in a fit of laughter, me and the entire audience at St. Xavier’s College.

Prajakta hides her face while Sudeep proudly looks on.

Haha, look at her expression while she was watching her own video.

I asked Prajakta, “So, this is such a great video. What is the essence of a viral video?

She said,“There’s no secret, really. And, I don’t think it can work if you plan for it to be a viral video. It should just be shareable, and as I said, people should be able to connect with it.

If you say something like, Oh, you won’t believe who I met in Australia! These kinda titles will get you places. But then, they should be able to get something out of the video. People like it when they are intrigued. They love getting curious. Well, just give them what they want.

We did a fun activity where we invited three volunteers on the stage. We had their remote control, and we were switching the channel.

We first turned on the “Sanskaar Channel.”

Namaskaar, aaj humaare beech hain Mercy devi, aur wo humari zindagi me bhagwan ka mehetva hume samjhayengi.

Mehetva?” The girl accentuated the word.

Ah, the channel changed. From MTV to Sab TV, Baby Doll to Daya’s garba, we saw it all. To be honest, it was kinda fun. I wanted to jump on, too. One kid got bored and so turned the television off.

Next, in groups, they were supposed to be a thumbnail, and such, that we’d be able to guess what their videos are about.


(How to take a selfie)

(Reviewing a James Bond Film)

After the amazing session with Prajakta and Sudeep, we sealed the deal by inviting our Dogger-in-chief to take over. Dogger-in-chief Poppy had inaugurated the Mass Comm. Magazine with Ritu ma’am.

Me, Poppy & Ritu ma’am

Poppy also announced that the interns from St. Xavier’s College would be declared this THURSDAY on JWB’s website.

*Woof Woof*

Poppy jumped up on the stage and sat with a poise because limelight is everything. Of course, our Dogger-in-chief was loving the attention, who doesn’t?

However, when Lovy tried to get her off the stage, it ended up the two of them being in a chase game. Come on, Lovy, Poppy was the star of the show!

I know you Xavierites had a good time reading my blogs, some of you told me in person, Tehehe. Not helping, Dogger-in-chief will take the intern decisions.*wink*

L to R: Me, Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Ana, Prajakta, The Coolest Dean ever (St. Xavier’s College), Sanjay Sir & Sudeep

But, really, let us know how you enjoyed the workshop in the comments below.

Here’s some magic dust for yall.

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