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Komal Panwar


Mother’s Day: JWB Blogger Ayushi Recounts School Days At Momma’s Salon

  • JWB Post
  •  May 7, 2016


JWB took Mother’s Day to relive the memories of our childhood. Our team visited Tangerine – The Boutique Salon, which was to convert into a Momma’s Salon!

Surprisingly, after my mother finished experimenting with my hair, they were shiny and straight. The magic of mothers, right? Guess whose hair is already straight and shiny? Ayushi, of course!

She says it’s the Tangerine effect. Yeah, we got another Tangerine fangirl over here. Ayushi’s mother was ready with tools and equipment to do a makeover on her not-so-little girl.

Ayushi: What do you have in your bag, mom?

Ayushi was going to be helpless today, it was time for her mother to take things over. For all the times Ayushi had brought back a full tiffin box, having eaten Maggi noodles from her friend’s lunchbox, for all the dinners she had wasted, for all the times her wardrobe looked like a wasteland, this was the time for her mother’s vengeance!

With the tail comb as a legit weapon in her hand, she began. Ayushi was seated on the Golden Throne and stared at her mother through the mirror. She knew what was coming. 

Ayushi: My mother might as well take a pair of scissors and chop my hair off. My parents never liked long hair on me! I remember as a kid, whenever I visited a hairstylist with mum, dad would send us back saying that my hair isn’t short enough.

I let out a snort and assured Ayushi that there were no scissors around.

Her mother divided her hair horizontally. She first tied a half pony and after combing it for a while clasped both sections together in a ponytail.

Me: This looks pretty cool, Ayushi.

Ayushi: I know!

Ayushi’s mom: Of course, it does! I’m your mother, not a dushman!

Me: Aunty, if I was her mother, I might as well call her nalayak?

Ayushi’s mom: That’s right! Nalayak!

We had a nice giggle before she switched to the next hair style.

Oh, my god! Her mother dug out some fancy hair pins from her bag and I think I knew what was coming next! The DeeDee pigtails that I talked about in my first article!

Ayushi was excited for this one. Her mother parted her hair and tied them into two pigtails. With wide, curious eyes, she looked into Tangerine’s straight out of Fairytale mirrors, trying to guess what her mom would do next.

She then applied two cute hairpins on either side! And Ayushi transformed into a doll. Of course, her mother knew what she was doing which is why she styled her hair with ease.

Ayushi’s mom: Are you happy?

Ayushi: After the third hairstyle, please make the pigtails again, mom! I want to go back to work like this. 

Her mother smiled and started working on a fish braid. Punjaban look, eh? Good thing Ayushi had long hair, that’s of course why the braid was able to find its volume.

But did you know, Ayushi is a big fan of braids?

Ayushi: When my mom isn’t combing my hair, it’s me who takes the dressing room. I remember having covered her in nail paint as a kid once.

Ayushi’s mother pinned up her fishtail with endless bobby pins (thanks, Tangerine!) and Ayushi was ready! Yay!




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