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Ms. Fatasstic Goes Shopping & Finds Only One thing In XL,’Store’s Ignorance’

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  •  April 4, 2016


Jaipur summers, Ufff! It’s just April, and all I dream about is sitting in a cold chamber (Read: refrigerator) savoring cold coffee with ice cream. Weird fantasies! *embarrassed*

I always felt that whenever I opened my closet, it yelled at me to go and shop.

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And, one fine day, Ms. Fatasstic decided to go shopping. Yay!

When my Car conspired against me!

Ugh. My car’s AC broke down when I had reached just halfway to the mall. Grrrrrr….


I reached the mall, soaked in sweat & was ridiculously hungry. However, I decided to shop first.

The Shopping Experience

I was scanning through the collection and tried some pieces on. Strangely, even the largest labeled sizes were actually too small. What measuring scale did they use?

I continued searching, and soon the searching transformed into hunting.  A sales attendant tried to guide me, but whatever I picked was ‘not available in my size’ or ‘the last available size won’t fit you’. Hmm.

Hungry, sweaty, and without clothes in “my size”… I think it was safe to say that I was losing my cool.

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Anyhow, I controlled it.

I managed to find two or three things that were ‘miraculously’ available.

I rushed to the trial room and tried them on. I came out wearing a top *angrier* and told the attendant that it had no shape or apt fit. It just hung on my body.

She replied saying, “What’s wrong with it? It’s fitting you and, in fact, it’s covering all your problem areas like hips and flabby arms.”



what confused rhoa huh say what


I was shocked! “Covering,” “Problem areas,” “Flabby arms”?  I maintained my composure for I didn’t want to create a scene.

Mindlessly, as I walked back to the changing room, and many ‘skinny’ girls walked past me, trying on crop tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, etc.

For a moment, I felt depressed. I stood in front of the mirror and saw my reflection in one of the other shapeless tops, figuring out what was wrong. (With me or the world, I couldn’t decide at that moment)

I came out once again and called the same store attendant.

Me: Why do you have so many choices in smaller sizes and not so many in bigger sizes? And, to top it all, the limited options available in larger sizes are ill-fitting. Why?

Store Attendant: We have created a separate line for the larger sizes. Fat people have different body shapes, and we can’t tailor-fit it for everyone. But, as you have seen, the clothes cover all the bulges and are available in XL, XXL, and XXXL.

I was seething with anger, but I didn’t think the attendant was at fault as she was just doing her job. And, as I looked around, many girls had gathered around to listen. One amongst them came up closer and said.

“What you said is so true. And, the scenario is same at most of the clothing stores. Initially, I blamed myself and cursed my body. But, trust me that won’t help, I have tried. It’s the stores owners, designers, and the society who need to re-think their idea of real women and stop making clothes for their plastic dummies. We have to make consolidated efforts of bringing OUR existence in light, and the fact that we have all the rights to dress up like any other girl and flaunt our bodies.”

I was perplexed for a second. What did she mean?

She explained,

“I have made it a point always to fill up their review or suggestion form, irrespective of the store I visit and tell them that they should have more options and varieties in plus sizes. But, why would an individual’s voice be heard? All of us have to come together and do it so that we are heard.”

Impulsively, I hugged her. Sometimes, all that Ms. Fatasstic needs is a reminder and inspiration. This girl came as a savior and my reflection to make me realize that I had no reason to self-doubt.

And, this is what I wrote in my suggestion form,

“Shopping is a happy experience for any girl. Your clothing line does not make me or any girl for that matter, even a little bit happy. It feels like your collection is just meant for slim girls. You disregard the need for catering to plus size people. And, even if you do, by creating a small shelf in the corner, it seems that no efforts have been taken in the making of those garments, in terms of their cuts, fits, prints, etc. It blatantly points towards body-shaming and inculcates body negativity in people’s mind.

Everyone knows that the sizes L, XL, XXL, etc. run out of stock faster than the smaller sizes. Doesn’t that tell you anything about your customer base? Kindly stop moving us to dingy corners of the store or limit us with shapeless options. Accommodate all sizes in all types of clothes, and let us choose what we want to wear.”

And, I left the store and decided to give myself a treat. I went and had burger and fries with my favorite Cold Coffee with ice-cream. *happy*

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With #CutTheShameNotFat, I am trying to remove the stigma from different bodies. And with this, I just want everyone to feel positive about themselves. Love your body because this is what makes you beautiful. Start believing that you are as much beautiful outside as you are inside. And, don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.


Fatasstic Tip:

Next time, you visit any apparel store, write to them and express where they are wrong and how they can change it.

And, most importantly, know that you can carry off anything you want. Flaunt it because you’ve got it!


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