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Himanshu Roy

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Multiple Sclerosis Can’t Stop Cheryl Hile From Running On Every Continent

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  •  July 18, 2016


Defiance is in the nature of Cheryl Hile. That is why, when her doctors said that she had to forsake her career as a long distance runner because of the fact that she had multiple sclerosis, Hile didn’t agree.

“That really pissed me off,” Hile said.

But this was in 2006 and a decade later, she has completed 49 marathons, 36 of which occurred after her diagnosis. It means that she has run a total of 1283.8 miles in the last 10 years.

What would be your reaction when you hear that she has achieved this feat, all this while running on a right foot that drags and on a right leg that doesn’t cooperate. This is in addition to the fact that her body acts up upon getting hot and cold.

If we add up all the distance that she has run in the last decade, it actually is equivalent to a third of the US and more than the coastline of California, which is her home state. Hile says that it is only after mastering the art of using her fear to her strength that she has managed to come this far.

Of course, at times the depression was too much to bear but as her record shows, she countered it bravely. But her biggest challenge is yet to come. Hile wants to be the first person with the disease to complete 7 marathons on seven continents within a year. And you know what? You can also help her move one step closer to this dream.

Hile wants to attempt her world record starting from Cape Town in September and she is also looking for a fundraiser. The amount is near about $54,000 and here’s where you can chip in with the much-needed help. Since she is looking forward to crowdfunding to help her reach the goal, every effort counts. You make her dream come true by donating through CrowdRise. Godspeed!

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