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Now No One Can Stop You From Eating Ice-cream For Breakfast, Thanks To Science

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  •  November 25, 2016


Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Tokyo’s Kyorin University, performed a series of experiments where he found that people who were binging on ice-creams performed better in complex computing tests than others.

He split participants into two groups and asked them to complete a series of mentally challenging tests on a computer immediately after waking up. The first group was asked to eat ice-cream for breakfast while the other was not.

*How I wish I was a part of the former group*

parks and recreation eating parks and rec ice cream eat

To test whether the cold nature of ice cream was behind the results, Koga repeated the test with cold water. Of course, he concluded that only ice-cream could do the magic!

According to the Prof., it is the increased levels of alertness after eating ice-cream that helped the participants perform better. He said that the ice cream triggered positive emotions and added energy to their bodies.

*Well, as a kid, I wouldn’t have minded hogging on it before writing my exams*

baby excited ice cream dessert gimme gimme gimme

Prof Koga is continuing his research and has yet to determine a firm connection between the mental boost delivered by ice cream.

*Lend me an ear, Mr. Koga, for I am going to tell you how awesome you are*

Well, this is me rn:

Bridget Jones film comedy ice cream depressed

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