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Drishti Bodhraj Premprakashi

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Priyanka Bhatia Trains JWB At The WOW Money Gym

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  •  August 3, 2016


I am thinking about saving money for a future vacation with my friends. Possibly somewhere exotic. But, I am always too careless with my spending. One minute I am saving up for something big and the very next moment, I am splurging on high heels.

We, women, have financial struggles each different from one another. This often leaves us short of money on a rainy day. How do we manage our finance?

Let’s ask from WOW Money Gym. Priyanka is an expert in helping women to create and manage their wealth.

I heard that you saved Rs. 1 Lakh from your pocket at a very young age without cutting off any extra expenses. What saving mantra did you use?

I never get driven by what my peers or ads tell me to buy. I have always been very connected to myself. I have this yardstick for myself. I know that I don’t need more clothes than a certain number. I am not stingy, but I believe in frugality. When you alter your choices, you can also change your financial life. If we only go to what we want and don’t need, we end up not reaching our goals.

Your father, a successful businessman, trained you financially from an early age. What’s the best lesson he’s given you?

That every rupee matters. You can collect rupee by rupee and turn it into hundreds, thousands and if you’re lucky lakhs and crores.

 Money talks …but all mine ever says is good-bye.

You labelled your first victory as the time when you bought a property worth 17 lakhs with just Rs. 300 in your wallet. How did you achieve it?

Wealth creation is a game of the mindset. Nothing matters here except your spending habits. You need to have a clear idea of what you want. If you have that, then nothing is impossible. So, I just went for it.  

*Shia Labeouf’s Voice * JUST DO IT!

What three things about money, should every teenage girl know?

  • Identify your financial goals
  • Make a plan of action. Decide where you need to spend or save.
  • Start educating yourself on finance. 

Very often women stay in abusive relationships because of financial dependence, what would you advise them?

You don’t need to depend on a man for finance. Come to WOW Money Gym. We’ll teach you how to create wealth for yourself. Being independent will help you recreate your life.

Three smart money moves every woman should know today?

  • Have wealth creator friends. Every woman has friends who will spend on parties and kitties; she also needs friends who will help her create money.
  • Have complete clarity on financial goals.
  • Find yourself a financial coach.

What is the craziest financial decision you’ve ever made?

Probably buying that property with Rs. 300, lol.

 All I ask is a chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.

What’s the silliest financial mistake you’ve ever made?

I invested in the stock market before the 2008 recession after taking advice from a colleague. I barely got any money back. What I learned was to always educate yourself about the stock market before investing in it.

Being a woman, how should we select a good financial advisor?

Nobody can take care of your money, but you. Only you can know about your financial situation and improve it. If you’re struggling, WOW Money Gym will help you create a plan for managing your money.  

Are you your family’s financial guru?

Yes, my father and I handle the finance. I personally think that I was born to make money. I learnt how to count money at the ages when a child sits on their father’s lap. I think it is safe to say that I can now count money like a professional.

 What are three habits of financially successful women?

  • Having wealth creator friends.
  • They know where they want to be.
  • They have a plan to save money. 

How would you explain money to a child?

Money is something you exchange your energy for. You spend your energy working on something, and you get paid in money for it.

In traditional households, financial control belongs to men. What would you suggest to create power balance in such cases?

It depends on the women in the family. They need to stand up for themselves. All it takes to change that is to come out of your comfort zone and speak for yourself.

How can women address the wage gap at their workplaces?

You need to take charge. You should know that you are worth the pay. It may have its repercussions, but if you’re strong enough to speak up, you’ll be strong enough to deal with it.

How can woman conquer financial anxiety?

For that, you should be financially conscious. Learn to take your own decisions. You are anxious only when you are insecure about your abilities. You should alter your ways of thinking about money and generate new ways to create money.

 Tell us about your Discovery session.

WOW Money Gym Graduates

The discovery session is a 90-minute free session where women get a clear view of their financial goals, and they find out where they want to be. This session gives them an idea on the functioning of WOW money gym. You can opt for WOW Money Gym in Delhi and outside of Delhi, we have the sessions on Skype.

What is your attitude towards borrowing money?

Well, there’s two types of debt. Good debt and bad debt. I’m against bad debt to a certain extent. It is when we pay using credit cards for things we can’t afford. This type of debt is not helping us build any assets.

Okay, now for some short questions! 

Cash or card?


 What side do you vouch for when tossing a coin?


One thing that is inexpensive but valuable to you?


 One investment you make on Sundays?

Me Time

 If money would grow on trees, what funny gardening tips would you give us?

Pluck it all to make space for more and water that plant. Let it grow.

Now, I think I’m going to stop investing in heels and start investing in skills. *Clicking sound of heels walking from me * One day, you’ll be mine, Black Jimmy Choo Pumps.

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