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Jayati Godhawat

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Priyanka Chopra Launched UNICEF ‘Fair Start’ Campaign To Help Rural Kids

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  •  July 7, 2016


On Tuesday, July 5, Priyanka Chopra launched  ‘Fair Start’ campaign under the UNICEF India. Priyanka has been the National Ambassador for UNICEF since 2010.

She has always been outspoken about her opinion and views on issues concerning women empowerment and feminism.

Last week, too, she nailed the concept of feminism like a boss.

“One, women to encourage each other instead of pulling each other down and secondly, feminism needs men to stand up and say that this is the right decision.”


At the event for the launch of ‘Fair Start’ campaign, she talked about the stereotypes that women are subjected, the increasing gap between rich and poor, and various other social issues.

The campaign is aimed at spreading awareness about stereotypes surrounding women and children in India, and how the society can help eradicate them so as to bridge the economic and social disparity, through a series of short films.

On women’s condition in the country, Priyanka stated:

“Since the time I remember, and it is not our country’s fault, the whole world treats women as second fiddle. It will take some time to change that. And the change can only come when all the girls will stand united and ask for their right.”

She further explained the cause by saying that India is in itself so diverse that it will take time and consolidated efforts to change the mindset of people towards women.

“India is a difficult country. It is like one whole world wherein each state has different traits, different culture, different language, different writing, different thought process and different religion. It (change in mindset for women) is not going to be changed tomorrow. “

Here’re some official tweets by UNICEF:



True that!



Someone needed to say that. Thanks, Piggy Chops!



We all must understand, it’s the power of these small changes at the individual level, that brings about a radical shift in the community.

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