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Priya Motiani

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The RBI Might Just Get Its First-Ever Female Governor, Soon!

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  •  June 22, 2016

Listed by Forbes as the 25th most influential woman in the world, Arundati Bhattacharya is all set to add yet another feather in her mighty cap.

Yep, that’s right. Currently the Chairperson of State Bank Of India, she is the one and only woman amongst the seven contenders under consideration for the post of the Governor of the country’s central bank – RBI.

According to a certain Mint report, It is believed that Bhattacharya‘s no-nonsense approach in dealing with errant promoters and in cleaning up the bank’s balance sheet, has earned her brownie points with the government.”

However, there is a ‘but’ in the scene. The very same report also states:

The trouble with appointing Bhattacharya as the head of the central bank is that there is no precedent in recent times of a banker being appointed as the RBI governor. While one of the four RBI deputy governor’s is always a senior banker, the central bank chief has typically been someone who had an understanding of the wider economy.”

If she gets this post, Arundhati will become the first-ever female Governor of the RBI. Isn’t that cool?

Hell Yeah! It’s cool! ‘Cause even in the global scenario, such women – who are heading the central bank of a leading economy – are rare, extremely rare. There’s roughly just a dozen of them. Oh btw, did I mention that Arundhati Bhattacharya is also the first woman to become the head and the MD at the State Bank Of India?

They say, in about a month’s time, it will become clear who is to take Raghuram Rajan’s place at the RBI office. Till then, all that we can do is wait, but at the same time, also celebrate the commendable achievements of this woman who is giving us some MAJOR inspiration!

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