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Lavanya Bahuguna


Read Why Team JWB’s International Women’s Day Turned Out To Be One Helluva Celebration

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  •  March 9, 2016


Team Jaipur Women Blog is a fair mix of both the genders. The men, however, are relatively cool at organizing surprises during special occasions. No points for guessing if our International Women’s Day celebration one hell of an event!

We happily accepted the offer to reach work an hour late than usual. Though, our excitement couldn’t keep us stable. The moment we entered the office, we were taken by surprise looking at the kind of arrangements they did for the girls’ team. From decoration to gifts to entertainment and even the food, they took care of everything like a boss.

TV Land comedy wow teacher teachers

Talking about the boss, Lady Boss Ana, smiled sheepishly as she was the only one who knew about this mega-surprise. She made sure our shutterbug captured all our reactions.

We, at JWB, take clothing pretty seriously. So much so, that (sometimes) we forget to pay attention to our hair. To give us a wake-up call, the boys put gorgeous hairstyles with a crown on our desktops showing what experiments we girls could try in future. Umm…although we aren’t very sure about those two pony-tails hanging in the air.

Also, the crown was to remind us that we are the Queens of Happiness and Love.  How Sweet!

Fun activities began with Jack playing Karan Johar inviting us one after another to participate in his rapid-fire round that he called ‘Perk with Jack’.

Those who could answer him correctly got Perk chocolates! For those who couldn’t, they snatched ‘em.

hot smart tatiana maslany smart is hot

Our photographer Sanchit, who we call a look-alike of Hrithik Roshan, performed on the superstar’s songs. Girls didn’t refrain themselves from whistling while he tapped his feet on ‘Mai aisa kyu hu’.

We had our yet another ‘Aww’ moment when Ibrahim from Egypt decided to sing an Egyptian song lionizing women and their achievements.

With that robe and cap, he had us at the first beat. Eep!

reaction slap so cute hugh laurie diner

Next was Gaurav who made us all sing some romantic Bollywood numbers in a chorus. Oh, we can still listen to the resounding claps in the background.

Next came Zumar, Vipin, Rakesh, Vinod and Shobhit, who had us in splits! The skit that they performed is probably the funniest thing we’ve ever seen.

It’s about three brothers who go for an audition, and after being a witness to their ‘brilliant’ acting skills, the director ends up pulling his hair off. *Hilarious!*

Honestly, it was one hell of a day!

To pay our gratitude towards their valuable efforts, the girls gifted the boys chocolates, chips, and gratitude stones. Gratitude stones? Songstress Komal says that it will help us remind how fortunate we are and think of those people and things that make our life happy and comfortable.

Feel free to call us lucky one more time! Ana gifted us quirky sock pairs from India Circus with turban & moustache prints. With this, she hinted us to walk the tough path of patriarchy bravely.

Are we chanting ‘Best Team Ever’? Hell yeah!

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