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Lavanya Bahuguna


Sangeeta Maithel Talks ‘Tangerine’ to Her Son

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  •  April 21, 2015


Sangeeta Maithel is the 3rd brave mommy from Jaipur who participated in our campaign In these series, we are filming the mother and her son talking about everything feminine in order to notice how she nurtures him so that he doesn’t grow to be a sexist.In the previous stories, you have seen two more Jaipur women – Bhawna Wheaton and Ruby Khan talking to their respective sons.

Today meet Sangeeta and her 16 yr old son Aaryaman.

Urg! Mom, you never told me we’re coming to a beauty salon!

Let us see what happens next when Sangeeta decides to take a Tangerine manicure ritual to pamper her hands.

Aaryaman – Mom, you are already so clean and beautiful. Why do you need a manicure?

Sangeeta – It’s the massage, son. My hands are tired.

JWB – He seems to be patient.

Sangeeta – True that, we’re alike!

JWB – How do you think this similar nature helped him grow?

Sangeeta – Though he is in late teens, he is not among those boys who make faces when they’re with mothers. I can take Aaryaman for shopping with me while he can patiently wait outside the changing room.

JWB – That’s a rare feature.

Sangeeta – I don’t think he has ever differentiated between genders in that way. He never bargains to take Ananya (daughter) along with me, instead of him. If he notices that I have no company, he offers help.

JWB – Is that same at home front too?

Sangeeta – His grandfather started a ritual wherein the men of the family don’t find it shameful or weird to cook. Aaryaman, too, loves surprising us with good cuisines.

JWB – You aren’t saying much, Aaryaman.

(He smiles)

Sangeeta – He is the quite kind.

Aaryaman – But not with friends.

(This time, Aaryaman grins)

JWB – Are we missing something?

Aaryaman – Taking friend’s advice on few matters is better.

Sangeeta – I and your dad are your friends too.

Aaryaman – But I can handle ‘few’ issues on my own too!

Sangeeta – I totally understand he needs his space and privacy. Teenagers are like this; and as a parent, getting upset about it is useless. When all 4 of us are watching movies and an adult scene shows up, we don’t force or expect our kids to turn their heads in some other direction.

I can’t stop giggling when they themselves look somewhere else. Me and my husband are open about such things and consider ‘acceptance’ of such issues as a part of their nurturing.

JWB – What is your way of teaching a son about femininity?

Sangeeta – There are no set rules, it’s the way you bring him up. Aaryaman watches his mother handling her profession and home simultaneously, and he is also learning from his dad who is a big support system. I am proud of my way of parenting. I know, he will never say no or disrespect any woman in his life.

Apart from this, I am glad Aaryaman understands what ‘Me-time’ is for me. The fact that my teenage son is sitting quietly here is a proof.

Aaryaman – If it was only for the manicure, I would have got bored. Thanks to the interesting interiors and confectionery here.

(Everyone laughs)

Aaryaman – How about a treat later, mom?

Sangeeta – First tell what color of the nail paint I should go for?

Aaryaman – Ummm…

Sangeeta – Pink?

Aaryaman – Ummm…

JWB – Neon green?

Aaryaman – Ummm…

Sangeeta – Red? You have introduced me to red. You like red, right?

Aaryaman – I did.

JWB – Yes, red!

Sangeeta – Won’t that be too bold?

JWB – Chuck everything and trust the woman instinct in us. Opt for the Candy Pink.

Sangeeta – But I’ve never…

JWB – Today you should. Teehee!

(We’re glad she went with our choice, see how lovely her hands look)

Aaryaman, as he confessed, wasn’t much bored while accompanying his mom to the beauty salon. And that’s impressive!

Take your son to Tangerine and tell us how he reacts when you get a beauty treatment done. Book you appointment at 0141- 222 3744.

From Left To Right: Aaryaman, Sangeeta, Owner of Tangerine Natasha Singh and JWB’s Lavanya


Photographer – Shashank K Tyagi

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