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Sanjay Maheshwari: I’ve implemented flexible hours for working mothers

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  •  May 19, 2015


Our Campaign “Business Lullabies” in association with Sheroes and DPS, Jaipur calls a check on MNCs and their attitude towards working mothers. You have already seen our badass tots in action preparing wholeheartedly to advocate their mommies in front of Skoda employees. To add more, we have been quite impressed with the atmosphere at Skoda, Jaipur office. So we decided to take this story ahead and chat with Mr. Sanjay Maheshwari, CEO, Saga Automotive.

JWB: Firstly, we would like to thank you for supporting Business Lullabies and driving the change from your boardroom.

Sanjay: This is totally my pleasure.

JWB: What encouraged your support for the working mothers’ cause?

Sanjay: Being a member of the society, I feel it is my corporate social responsibility to contribute in some way for its betterment. This is the reason why I strongly supported ‘Business Lullabies’.

JWB: What kind of moral codes does Saga Automotive practice with regard to working mothers?

JWB: How does Saga stand by its pregnant employees?

Sanjay: Though the medical science today says that a woman can work until the last month of her pregnancy, I personally believe that after 7 months she should stay away from all the work stress. These days due to job insecurities, even during last trimesters of the pregnancy women want to keep working which is not good for their health. Maternity leaves are their right, and they should demand it rightfully. Companies should introduce such policies which ensure job security to their pregnant employees. And a working mother must have a provision of joining the same office after her maternity leave.

JWB: What  measures has Saga introduced to ensure the office-family balance for working mothers?

Sanjay: Taking into consideration the fact that most of my employees are working moms, I have implemented flexible working hours. As long as I am aware of everyone’s working schedule on a weekly basis, and they work efficiently within those hours, I absolutely support it. Flexible hours have proved helpful for their good health.

JWB: What management can do to raise efficiency of a working mother after maternity period?

Sanjay: Considerable adjustments are necessary at the individual level and at the team level, which help the mother to fulfill the dual responsibilities of the career and motherhood. Regular exercise helps reduce stress, improves self-esteem and increases energy levels. A gym membership or gym for employees’ use may sound like a common perk, but many companies still don’t offer it. There should be additional facilities in the company itself – like yoga and meditation rooms. All these things can support career-oriented moms to rejoin the talent pool.

JWB: Does motherhood affect productivity at the workplace?

Sanjay: I totally disagree with this myth. In fact, in our company all the working mothers have proved to be the best employees – and they totally deserve their position.

JWB: Do you support the idea of paternity leaves?

Sanjay: I do not only support it, but we have already applied it in our office so that a man can also equally participate in upbringing of his child.

It was a very refreshing conversation. JWB team feels very hopeful for the future to come after meeting such progressive men that can lead a change in the society.

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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