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Share-a-Care: Mrs. Nidhie Data & her Mother-in-Law Mohini Data at Andraab

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  •  November 4, 2014

Brrr….winters are almost here. To keep you warm, we bring our next campaign ‘Share a Care’ for which we have invited Jaipur women to discuss the most-talked relationship – of a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. This relationship is said to share very less in common, except the man in between. Is that so?

Andraab, an exclusive store of hand-woven Pashmina, says just the opposite. Together with , Andraab supports the cause explaining that there is lot more to this relationship – most importantly the warmth between the women who share this bond. Let’s explore…

The 1st duo was Mrs. Nidhie Data and her mother-in-law, Mrs. Mohini Data. The idea was to make them sit under one Andraab’s beautiful hand-woven Pashmina shawl and encourage them to talk about the warmth in their relationship while actually experiencing the warmth of the shawl.

We began our conversation by asking them to select one such that gets the approval of both. The motive was to select a design without any compromise in choice, yet a favorite among the ladies.

After a 15 minute walk across the splendid showroom of Andraab, the duo selected one striking piece.

Nidhie – We will go with this black Kalamkari Pashmina. Maa loves it too.
Mohini – Because this dark color just brings out the best of hand-embroidered threads.

 We covered the women-of-house with the chosen Pashmina designer-piece.

More similarities ‘under one shawl’.

Mohini – Nidhi and I are positive thinkers that further gives rise to more common things between us.

Nidhie – That’s right. We both are very optimistic and refuse to give into negative tendency.

A Difference that is hardly important ‘under one shawl’.

Nidhie – There is only one that I can think of – about my food habits, right maa?

Mohini – Very true. She is fond of outside food and doesn’t like cooking at all.
Nidhie – Whereas, she loves to cook and treat everyone.

Earliest memory of Mohini’s mother-in-law ‘under one shawl’.

Mohini – Oh, that’s a difficult question. I got married at the age of 18 and that sums up many years till now. I cannot recollect much but I remember her as a humble and a loving person.

Nidhie – Tell more about your marriage. (She said, while she was fixing the slipping shawl from Mohini’s shoulder)

Mohini – I was married-off in almost a rural area. I found it hard to manage since i had grown up in a city. But my mother-in-law’s compassion helped me a lot.
Nidhie – And that has made you so humble towards your two daughters-in-law.

Mohini – I am sure you will be a good one too. Just as warm as this shawl.
Nidhie – That’s a long way to go. But I have one rule very clear in my mind which I am going to follow once i become a mother-in-law –> Live & let live.
Mohini – Future. (she sighed)
Nidhie – Maa & I share many dreams in common. Can we talk about them?

We nodded and let the ladies continue…

Mohini – One of them is to live together in one house. Due to work priorities, we are in different cities currently.

Nidhie – I asked her to come today for this campaign shoot.

Mohini – I was, anyway, going to visit you.

Nidhie – But you came a day early. Thank you.

Mohini – I love you.

Nidhie – Sometimes I wish I could be your age and spend more time with you…probably some holidays together.
Mohini – And shopping?

Nidhie – Haha, of course. We are anyway excellent at it, that too without the company of men. How about buying you a for winters right now?

Mohini – However, I would want to deduct few years from my age, so that I can go clubbing with you and dance like a young lass.
Nidhie – Maa, didn’t you enjoy last month’s Saturday at the club with us? We had a gala time. You have never let age bar the enjoyment.

Their common fear ‘under one shawl’.

Mohini – That’s something very personal. However, it is just strengthening our bond.

Uncanny talks ‘under one shawl’.

Mohini – If I were a man, I would have fallen for her soft nature. She is soft-spoken and way too caring for family and friends.

Nidhie – Oh, and did I mention – my mother and mother-in-law turned best friends soon after my marriage?
Mohini – It is an advantage.
Nidhie – Certainly not. Whenever I secretly share something with either of them, the other automatically gets to know.

As Mohini had a good laugh over this, we thought of the many moments this duo had been enjoying together. Clearly, they don’t need any man, maybe just one Andraab shawl to have a quality time.

PS – To double their joy, the duo was gifted a silk scarf by one of the Andraab’s founders Mr. Mubashir Andraabi.

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