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Shveta Salve Pens Down Her Pregnancy Experiences & It’s Heartwarming

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  •  August 4, 2016


I am 25 and being scared to death with just the mention of my marriage plans; there’s one thing that haunts me more than being married – pregnancy and childbirth. 

However, today, something changed when I came across Shveta Salve‘s endearing post for Pyjama People where she described the real deal of being pregnant and it’s so overwhelmingly beautiful that I read it over and over.

She talked about being up-to-date and know it all tech savvy Mom-to-be.

“As a first time new age Internet savvy Mommy-To-Be, I downloaded all the preggo apps Itunes had to offer. I wanted to be a step ahead of everything; know what’s going to happen before it does; understand how I’m going to feel; answer my questions before my gynecologist would. A smart-ass MTB, basically.”

But, she admitted that the best guide an expecting woman can ever have is her own mother.

“Trust me there’s no app or book beats a person who is truly a BFF4Life….When in doubt ask mom, that usually applies to most things in life but in this case, it’s bang on the money. She is the one person who will know what you are experiencing and will empathize with you when needed and encourage you when you are down. After all, her baby is having a baby.”

She described candidly about her new curves, insatiable sex-drive, and the honeymoon phase.

“My skin had a spectacular new shine no facial ever gave me, hair fall? What hair fall?? And the boobies!! Take it from someone who not blessed in that department: “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”

“The husband has never been happier, and sex drive was in top gear. Never felt sexier about myself than now and Life in the sack was one helluva ride! (pun intended) I was like, hell yeah this is going to be easy, I’m so going to nail it!”

“My doctor said this is the Honeymoon phase of your pregnancy, and so Hermit and I planned ours! It was Babymoon time. Off to Thailand, we went.”

She also shared about the pressures people put on the MTB and how she dealt with it, like a Boss!

“I had no qualms about doing what I wanted nor did I try to resist my cravings based on the so much advice given to pregnant women. I went swimming in the ocean in my brand new slightly larger sized bikinis, took ample of preggo vacation pictures, I also went on island snorkeling day trips (was the only pregnant lady on the boat and loved the attention). As long as my body and my doc let me do it I didn’t deprive myself of anything. Being active was my motto.”

“Friends and family would tell me to slow down and calm down, I know they speak out of concern, but believe me, the secret to this is just to listen to your body. If your body says hey I need to chill now, relax, and take a nap. If it’s up and about, go for a walk or swim or do some yoga, as your heart pleases, after all, you are just pregnant not physically challenged.”

Of course, Shveta also mentioned the cons of being pregnant and how your body hurts and your most time goes in peeing. But, trust me, the way she explains it won’t leave you scared.

“Well hellooooooh, there’s a lil human I’m growing inside of me, and it’s getting bigger!! My Victoria’s Secret and M&S size 6’s turned to size 12’s, Brazilian bikini style transformed into midis for full coverage. As much as I hated it, MTB needed more room down there, and nothing felt comfier than good ole granny undies!

My perky full twins started to get way heavier than I would like and were heading south. Despite all the cocoa butter and bio-oils, the first signs of silvery white streaks began to appear. Life in the sack and the incredible sex drive was now in reverse gear. A good nights sleep was impossible as lying on my back would trigger an acid reflux and only about 35 pillows propped up under me would make me comfortable but then the frequent bathroom visits would keep me up.

Aches and pains, carpal tunnel all happened, my lovely pregnancy glow was dimming and sometimes depression would sink in.

Am I ever going to be myself again? Will my body never bounce back? Is my life going to change so drastically? Would I have to make new friends and my social life will end? Will I ever be able to wear a bikini and go to the beach??”

Of course, we absolutely loved her GOT references!

“I knew that “winter is coming “ and I’m no Khaleesi!!”

 “Before I knew it, my engines were roaring again like Khalessi’s dragons perched on her lovely shoulders (yes, I watched a lot of GoT during this time.) I may not be the Mother of Dragons, but I’m surely going to give birth like a rock star. I’ve decided to have a Home Water Birth without any epidurals or drugs.”

She concluded by a heartwarming message for her baby and wrote:

So dear baby,

Now it’s all on you. Your mamma is as ready as she can be!

I promise you this: no matter what, I’m going to be by your side just like always. I’ve been these last few months — with every breath I take and every morsel I eat. I will continue caring for you and putting all your needs before mine.

I can’t wait to hear your first cry, to feel your soft skin against mine, smell your beautiful babyness. Sorry, you heard me complain about silly stretch marks, saggy boobies and no sleep. I promise to wear my Tiger stripes with pride. It means I’ve nourished your body, and that’s what matter. I’ll stay up with you all night long (and make sure Daddy does as well!).”

“Know this: I already love you so much! You make me complete.”

Thank you, Shveta for sharing with the world, the magical (and sometimes not so magical) journey of motherhood.

You can read the entire post here.

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