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Himanshu Roy

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Single Mom Dressed As Dad To Make Her Son Smile

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  •  September 10, 2016


, kudos to you! If you have ever wondered that to what extent a mother would go to give her child the best possible upbringing, then please take a leaf or two from the parenting book of Yevette.

It was just another regular day for single mom Yevette and her son Elijah and both of them were en route to his school. After reaching the school, Yevette noticed that there were way more cars than usual parked outside the premises and inquired Elijah about it.

Well, apparently, the school was holding a breakfast event for kids and their dads called ‘Donuts with Dads’. Yevette was quick to notice the longing in Elijah’s eyes to be a part of this event and did something that has earned her praises from the Internet.

Yevette went back home, put on a plaid shirt, a baseball cap, a chain that made her look like a fun dad. On her way back to the school, she also got her hands on a fake mustache that gave the much-needed masculinity to her look.

And thus, Elijah could now participate in Donuts with Dad, with his mom cum dad. Obviously, Elijah had a great time at the event, and for all the other fathers who had participated in it saw a sight that they won’t forget anytime soon.

The sight of a woman moonlighting as a man just to bring a smile on the face of her little one, a beautiful example of what a mother would do for a child.

I know seeing other dads with their kids isn’t easy for mine but it’s life. At least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face,” wrote Yevette on her Facebook page.

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Since this anecdote went out in the social media, it has managed to strike a chord with the netizens instantly.

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