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Komal Panwar


St. Xavier’s Students Set The Ramp On Fire With ‘The F-Drug’ Blogger, Shivani

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  •  September 9, 2016


had so far learnt content marketing strategies, the soul of blogging and the essentials of being a travel blogger. Today, the Friday, the F-day, was going to acquaint us with The F-Drug. 

Shivani, and photographer Rohan, who enjoy a following of 158k followers on Instagram, and have rubbed shoulders with celebrities like Virat Kohli, were a wee-bit nervous to address a crowd of 100 students.

I’m not usually nervous, but this is the first time I’m taking a workshop in front of so many people, and I just hope that you don’t give me a hard time!

Well, you know how everyone loved you, Shivani! Of course, being a fashion blogger, she knew how to carry herself, and deliver ‘The F-Drug’. 

I already had a few questions to ask Shivani.

Me: If you were to save a piece of clothing from fire, what would it be?

Shivani: My high-waist jeans. I just cannot do without them.

Me: What’s your first expression when you open your wardrobe?

Shivani: My reaction is pretty normal, but my mother is petrified! The moment you open my closet, everything is piled up, and you’ll probably have them all over you.

Me: Haha, I know many students can relate to that!

There were giggles in the background. Heck, that’s how I used to keep my wardrobe at one point of time. Guilty!

Shivani began talking about her Instagram page.

If you’re a fashion blogger, it’s very important for you to make sure that your photographs on Instagram are not boring! They have to be different. If you post a selfie, don’t post another one for a while. In between, you can add boomerangs, videos, food, and more.

Social media has to be quick. That’s the whole point. The moment you see a new hashtag surface, grab the opportunity and use it before it rushes away. But, in the meantime, you must keep the quality intact.

I agree, every time I feel like uploading a video of me singing, I have to record it a few times before it sounds good enough to publish it. Otherwise, I’d have people throwing tomatoes at me.

Rohan explained the importance of having a good camera because your quality defines who you are, right?

Shivani was recently at Lakme Fashion Week, sitting in the front row and blogging about the kickass designers and their creations. Well, so we decided to do a really fun activity. I randomly picked a few students from the crowd and asked them to walk the ramp while the others would tweet the glitz and glam in 140 characters.

My favorite tweet was one that said, “@xaviers #FashionWeek Wish I cud catch the @adidas cap the male model threw! #GrabTheBest #SoDope”

Our next activity for each team was to dress up one person using whatever was available on the tables.

While someone used necklaces as headgears, eyeliner as Rajasthani Bindi, scarfs as bandanas, and more, my favorite was the one where they created an eco-friendly bow.

Experiment every day! The way you dressed today, with jugaads, will remind you that if you put in this kind of effort, you can be a successful fashion blogger,” Shivani said.

The audience couldn’t get enough of Shivani and Rohan, and after a few selfies got a group picture with them.

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