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Komal Panwar


TEASER: Taks & Gitais ChEAT Finale At Hotel Holiday Inn

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  •  December 15, 2015


The “Taks” and the “Gitais” finally come together for the ‘finale’ round of “ChEAT With Aditi”! Allow me to refresh your memory!

It all began with a diabetes month campaign in which our Dietician Aditi Mehrotra was to analyze the eating habits of two families from Jaipur. The voting ballots of these families were open for our readers to select their favorite ‘healthy’ couple!

Psst, it feels like just yesterday when we visited the Taks and the Gitais! The animal-lover in me jumps out of my body and screams how badly I’m going to miss the little doggies at Sunanda and Anurag Gitai’s place?

For the grand finale, we took the two couples inside the beautiful kitchen of . It’s “Chao” had the coolest chefs ever, trust me! They giggled in one corner, as we tried hard not to turn their kitchen into a fish market!

Ruhi Tak

Well, the couples were given tasks which they weren’t expecting. Though they arrived ready with their desserts for tasting, we went a step ahead and asked them to prepare some of the simplest foods famous in our Indian kitchens.

Want to know how they’ve performed?

There will be KITCHENS being rummaged, CHEFS going CRAZY. We couldn’t pull our hair out because we were wearing head covers! Because, no hair in the kitchen, duh!

Sunanda Gitai

Sunanda Gitai

Stay tuned, while we are having fun with Aditi behind the chef coats, and the husbands having a sophisticated conversation hiding away from their wives!


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