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Himanshu Roy

JWB Blogger

This Badass Mom Didn’t Stop Practicing Martial Arts During Her Pregnancy

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  •  October 29, 2016


It’s their grit that separates champions from normal people. And after you watch this video of 39 weeks pregnant Caley Reece, throwing lethal kicks while practicing Muay Thai, you will be left awestruck.Ever since Reece, the former world champion posted the video of her practicing martial arts on Facebook, it has gone viral on the internet, with people raving over the feat of this incredible woman.

In the post, Reece explained the importance of workout even when a woman is pregnant. She chalked out a special exercise regime for herself, which she has religiously followed so far.

“Don’t stop what you love. There’s always a way around everything,” Reece had written on social media.

It was not too easy, though. The ex-world champion had to cut down on her usual dose of rigorous training and spend hours trying to create the perfect training plan that would not only rejuvenate her everyday but will also be good for the health of the baby.

She believes that the positivity that comes along with exercise not only keeps her healthy but also brings the much-needed positivity during the long period of pregnancy.

Several types of research have validated what Reece is saying as it has been seen that physical exercise is good for expecting mothers.

It serves a large array of functions such as boosting the health of the heart and also the brain activity of the child.

What more, it is even speculated by scientists that if the mother loves doing exercises and continues to work out during pregnancy, the chances are that the child will also turn out to be interested in physical activity.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a world champion in martial arts or a commoner, adequate amount of exercise could help you and your baby big time during pregnancy.

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